Running and jumping in the city park run rampant and parkour

In London will be about 80 thousand participants to the appointment earlier this year of parkrun, born 11 years ago and already global. As parkour, also very popular in Italy
Born in 2004, the parkrun became an increasingly global phenomenon. The first Italian event was held last July. Saturday to London will be the parkrunner 80,000, twice as many participants in the city marathon. Besides the parkrun convenes regularly timed races of 5km, free, open to all and is easy to take part; also they take place in the green spaces and citizens invogliamo people of any age and ability to participate. If London is also because many participants here got underway, Bushy Park, the idea of ​​open-air run together, the initiative is not in the case of runner regulars including Paul Sinton-Hewitt, used in telecommunications that won the sedentary lifestyle forced labor running with the piece of the South London Harriers atheletics Club. “Running is happiness,” said Plato – who was Olympic athlete – and this essence is passed in parkrun.
The key feature of parkrun is that does not require training or specific performance, is open to all and, above all, we practice every week.
In 2005, a year after the first appearance in London, meanwhile, he landed in Italy the parkour, growing in the peninsula with an exponential rate, especially in metropolitan suburbs and conveyed by the first fans through the web. Parkour was born in France, his ancestry is attributed to the method of physical education created at the beginning of the century naval officer Georges Hébert, perfected by David Belle. Since assault course of military origins, becomes joy to move between physical barriers of the suburbs, jump, overcome them, climb, pass. Parkour, according to enthusiasts, it is not just a sport, but also a social application.
According to this view, the values ​​of parkour are important to teach young people to respect themselves and know their limits, in order to deal with small and large obstacles that life puts in front of the path of every human being. Today the global Parkour is a sport that is seen to do in the French suburbs or in the endless suburbs east of Rome, in Los Angeles as in Kabul. There are many collaborations that Italian and foreign groups huddle with other realities. Usually parkour is used to show an alternative way of exploiting and intelligent fitness cement and break down barriers, promote sociability and physical activity in urban areas. The Province of Rome in 2007 recognized parkour as a vector of communication to convey to young people the importance of addressing each issue in respect of themselves and their surroundings, and two years later parkour was at 21 ° Fitness Festival Rome.