Best 5 alarms for your home you control from your smartphone

Best 5 alarms for your home you control from your smartphone

Just look at the phone screen to sleep soundly, especially when you’re on vacation

We’re summer time, although not seen seems uncertain weather, but our holidays are upon us. And when you approach the day of departure, yes, we are very happy and we look forward to taking that plane for that exotic destination, but a bit ‘of concern for home there. If you are afraid of thieves, neighbors or just want to check if everything is ok, we have selected for you 5 home alarm which connect with your smartphone to leave without thoughts.

MyFox Home Alarm and Security Camera. Thanks to the App you can keep everything under control, directly from your smartphone, to enjoy the well-deserved relaxation. It is able to prevent an intrusion before it occurs, in contrast to the traditional systems that go off when the intruder is already with your TV Oled between the hands. In fact, the sensor is able to recognize among the different types of vibration – for example a ball on the glass, the knock on the door or the strong wind – which can represent a real threat, giving the first alarm.

The system will automatically send an alert to all paired smartphone. No false alarms that disturb the neighbors, then. There is also an optional camera allows at any time to log on and see what is happening. The wide-angle view in HD, even at night with infrared rays, and the Magic Zoom allow you to control every detail dwelling. If the camera detects motion a notification is sent to smartphones connected to the device. And in case of a power failure, the system will continue to operate for a few hours thanks to the internal back-up batteries. The room will resume for an hour by the current interruption, with images being recorded in case of threat. For installation you need two power outlets and Wi-Fi. It is neither a technical nor masonry work. The cost is 299 € and is included in the packaging: 110 dB siren, links to connect the system components, IntelliTag sensor for doors and windows and a badge to arm and disarm the alarm automatically. The coast 199euro camera.

Smart Home Security Kit DCH-107KT of D-Link. The intelligent kit includes four essential devices for automating the home security, all controlled from your smartphone and tablet: a Connected Home Hub Z-Wave, a camcorder with HD monitor, a Z-Wave siren, and a sensor for Z-Wave windows and doors . The Connected Home Hub is the heart of the system is connected to an existing router and supports any mydlink Home device. These devices can interact with each other, take action in symbiosis in case of intrusion and send notifications directly to your smartphone. The sensor automatically warns the opening of doors and windows and can also be used with safes. It can also be set to sound the siren. HD Monitor camera is used to monitor what is happening at home at any time, day or night, and capture screenshots of the frame in case of intrusion. It resumes even at night up to 5 meters visibility. In addition, later this year, is coming a new Wi-Fi video camera compatible with HomeKit and controlled by Siri. The DCH-107KT kit costs 249.99 Euros.

Verisure Smart Alarm. Its unique feature is the direct connection to the active h24 internal operations center. In addition, the app My Verisure has just been renovated, and allows you to receive notifications whenever the alarm goes off, a power outage or a disconnection occurs. Also recordings made by cameras. The alarm system is built from the GSM technology to provide 3G communication encrypted and tamper. The Operations Centre receives the alarm signal, even if the thieves cut the telephone line. Among the items is a panel that speaks and listens with SOS button, two motion sensors with color cameras and flash, one shock sensor for doors and windows that detects vibration and shock, a high-powered siren, a key player and six smart keys for access control, bollards signs to alert thieves to the presence of an efficient alarm system. From 399 €.

Piper nv Smart Home Security System. Black or white, this alarm system has an integrated camera of 3.4 megapixels at 180 degrees with Night Vision can be used both to control the house ‘live’ from the phone, is to record. It has a sound and motion detection sensors, temperature, light and humidity. It is easy to use and configure. Thanks to Z-Wave connectivity the Piper NV can act as a hub to control other accessories such as sockets and smart sensors for doors and windows. If you have a dog or a cat that solitary wander around the house you can also see him from the office thanks to the dual channel audio. Piper nv has a backup battery that provides constant connection, even in power outages and provides the most accurate video recording options. Additionally, you can choose when to be protected by choosing from three modes: at home, away or on vacation. From 299 €.

Netatmo Welcome. It is a security camera indoors can capture video at 1080p resolution and the most interesting feature is the facial recognition. After a training period – one week – the room recognizes your face and that of those who live with you. Thus, in case of non-registered person will send an alert message. App you can monitor who enters and leaves your loft, for example, you can be alerted when your children or your elderly parents are at home. The room, with 130 ° panoramic and night vision with infrared LEDs, send notifications and records video only if it detects fire alarms, security or siren. For storage, in addition to the SD card, you can use a personal server via FTP. Separately, you can buy the tags, sensors that detect motion, vibration, if it positions of doors and windows, or on the entrance gates – up to 80 m from the camera – you get a notification when they open. The tags are waterproof, so they can be both inside and outside and alert even before an intrusion occurs because they perceive the vibrations. Welcome costs 199 Euros and the tags 99,99, there are three in each package.