World Ski Championships: the value of the Cortina brand grows

Despite the absence of the public, it is estimated that there will be an impact of 10 million, while the brand, according to JFC, is consolidated at 33 billion (+5 billion)

“About a month away from the Alpine Ski World Championships that will take place in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 7 to 21 February: two weeks of competitions that will guarantee Cortina and the entire Cadore international visibility in over seventy countries in the world” says Massimo Feruzzi, of the JFC tourism research company, who tried to make a first summary estimate of the impact in a very complex period. There will in fact be no public. «It remains a truly exclusive event – adds Feruzzi – which will equally bring 20,576 hotel visitors to the area and a turnover close to 10 million. A figure, this, decidedly lower than what could have been obtained with the opening also limited to spectators: in this case 48 million could have been reached with over 65 thousand admissions, in addition to day users. Basically, in this case, about 3 million and 400 thousand a day would have fallen on the territory on average. However, the World Championships will guarantee an increase in the Cortina d’Ampezzo “value brand” which, in terms of international communication, will exceed the value of 33 billion, with an increase in value of over 5 billion ».

The effect on local hotel prices for the World Cup was not lacking. “It is noted, in fact, how the accommodation facilities in the Cortina area – Feruzzi emphasizes – have decided to apply significant increases to their rates: just think that, compared to the same period last year, the average increase was equal to +114, 9%, with an average room / night price which goes from 370 euros for 3-star hotels to 579 euros for 4-star hotels, to reach 1,091 euros for 5-star hotels ».

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