Holiday bonus that can be spent until 30 June 2021: how to use it

More structures and payment options also through the intermediation of platforms and online portals to encourage the use of the measure.

Holidays, in times of red, orange and yellow areas, seem like a distant memory, yet in the ongoing pandemic stress we would need them more than ever.

It is fully usable in this sense, when the restrictive regulations will allow it, the help of the State, the holiday bonus, established by the Relaunch decree, in force since July 1st and which the government measures have modified quite a bit. For this reason, the Revenue Agency on 17 November republished, with the latest news, the useful guide that explains step by step how to use the subsidy.

Same procedure, longer duration

The procedure remains the same, and is only telematic, but the measures that have followed have brought two significant innovations first of all: the bonus has a longer duration, until 30 June 2021 as extended by Legislative Decree 137/2020, the so-called Ristori decree, and then the law 126/2020 modified the law establishing the facility, providing that the payment of the service can also be paid with the help, intervention or intermediation of subjects who manage platforms or telematic portals, as well as – as already planned initially – of travel agencies and tour operators.

The Faq

The renewed guide has been enriched with a chapter entirely dedicated to questions and answers, very useful for reiterating some concepts or resolving doubts, starting from the very concept of family unit for Isee purposes, that is, the set of members of the registry family at the date presentation of the single substitutive declaration; a registered family that includes persons linked by ties of marriage, civil union, kinship, affinity, adoption, protection or emotional ties, cohabitants or having habitual residence in the same municipality and which can also be constituted by a single person.

The bonus cannot be used if, at the time of the request, the household displayed in the IO app does not correspond to the updated situation.

The composition is in fact very important because on the basis of the number of members the amount of the benefit is calculated (500 euros if the family unit consists of three or more people, 300 euros if it is composed of two people and 150 euros if it is composed of a single person).

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