The anti-HIV pill, before going to Ibiza

Always the condom and the test, but above all the pill Prep: to beat the HIV virus (even before a holiday) the formula is this. Word of the infectivologist Andrea Gori

A man and a woman shake hands, then the image opens and the hands become very many: it is the video that Dr. Andrea Gori, 55, director of the infectious diseases department of the Fondazione Irccs Policlinico of Milan, shows to the youngsters that meets in high schools. It works like the six degrees of separation.

One thinks: I’m fine, my relationship is monogamous, no risk of getting infected with HIV. Not understanding that, even if your partner is loyal, having a sexual relationship with him you go to bed with all those with whom he went to bed in time, and so on

To combat the spread of the virus, with which about 36 million people live in the world, back from June 6 to 10 Convivio, charity exhibition-market promoted by the fashion world in support of Anlaids.

“The aid is needed because unfortunately in Italy, to date, there has never been a significant decrease in the new diagnoses of HIV, which remain about 4 thousand a year. Without taking into account a 30% “submerged” ».

Who is HIV positive today in Italy?
«Statistically, the highest incidence is in males (76.9% of new infections, ed) between 25 and 29 years».

Is the problem always the non-use of condoms?
“Yes, we stayed there. More than 8 times out of 10 the infection occurs with unprotected intercourse. It is a cultural problem, in high schools the boys – while claiming to practice a free sexuality – say they do not talk about it with their parents or teachers, then we are amazed by the boom of 300% of syphilis cases ».

Do you have any children? What would you recommend them?
“I have six. First of all to use the condom, and to take the test: for a year and a half, in the pharmacy there is the do-it-yourself test, which costs about 20 euros, and that allows a twenty year old to know immediately if it is seropositive, and avoid him to find out ten years later when he already has symptoms: on average the males realize it at 39, the females at 36 “.

What life expectancy has a patient today?
“It depends on when he discovers he is HIV-positive. A healthy 20-year-old who starts antiretroviral therapy, which today consists of only one pill a day, has a life expectancy of 78 years “.

We also talk a lot about Prep (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), do you prescribe it?
“Very. There are a lot of seronegative people going to Ibiza, for example, and first they are prescribed antiretroviral drugs because they know they will have promiscuous relationships. The use, which works practically at 100%, is similar to that of the contraceptive pill: one a day. It costs about 70 euros a month, in Italy it is not free, as for example in France ».

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