Charme And Peace In The Best Location Of The Island!

Located in Porroig, the most exclusive location in Ibiza, with walking  distance to the beach of Es Torrent, and 5  Cala Jondal.


Guest room
With air conditioning, queen size bed, safe, built-in wardrobe, satellite TV and a window overlooking the garden / pool.
Toilet in the corridor
Double / twin beds
Air conditioning, built-in wardrobe, satellite TV, window overlooking the garden / pool and en-suite.
VIP Room
The largest of the rooms on the ground floor with en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, safe, wardrobe, satellite TV, window overlooking the garden / pool and two smaller windows on either side of the king-size bed overlooking the garden in the back of the house.
Living room
With air conditioning, satellite TV, dining table (4/6) overlooking the pool. Another separate seating area, behind the TV with puff and shelf office area with wifi printer.
Large kitchen with two refrigerators, machine for making ice, dishwasher, washing machine and separate dryer. The kitchen has a sliding glass door that gives direct access to the garden and outdoor dining table.
Room service
Room adjacent to the ‘main entrance with bunk beds and en-suite.


Master bedroom
With air conditioning, two safes, double wardrobe, chest of drawers, satellite TV, en-suite bathroom and private terrace overlooking the garden / pool towards the sea.
Sitting room / Foyer
Air conditioning, terrace overlooking the garden / street, satellite TV.
Junior bedroom – suite
En-suite bathroom and sitting room overlooking a private terrace.
Air conditioning, desk, wardrobe, satellite TV, window overlooking the garden and a queen-size bed.
Outside terrace
The master bedroom has an exit leading directly to the first level of the terrace, which is the outer area that leads to the main terrace on the third level of the house.


Outside lounge and dining area 8/10 people
Pool patio
Outdoor bathroom with outdoor shower
Main terrace
All Technogym equipment
In addition the property includes
Parking boat maximum size of 13mt, 5 minutes walk from the house on Cala Porroig.
Autonomous heating.
Drinking water filtration system with osmotic.
Sophisticated security systems

6 times week cleaning service ( 9am-1pm)
2 times week Gardener
3 times week Pool maintenance

Skiing and trekking for all tastes

The Bardonecchia commercial is “365 days of sport” and looking at the opportunities offered is perfectly spot on. In winter you can indulge yourself: cross-country and alpine skiing (100 km of slopes and 23 lifts), snowshoeing and snowboarding. Just 5 minutes from the center, thanks to a free shuttle you can reach the Jafferau area that reaches the peak of 2800 meters high and allows you to ski mostly outboard, in high altitude environment, with an unparalleled view of the mountains surrounding and endless possibilities for spring off-piste itineraries.

In the summer, in addition to racing bikes and mountain bikes, for trekking or simple excursions, you will be spoiled for choice. There is something for everyone: paths, mule tracks and military roads from the valley floor to the mountain tops, from 1,300 to 3,500 meters above sea level. The wide variety adapts to the needs of all fans. Along sunny routes and walks through the forests of fir and larch you can reach the most famous peaks of Bardonecchia and the Upper Val di Susa: the Red Guglia, the Val Fredda, the Tre Croci, the Sommeiller glacier, Mount Tabor and the peaks of the Pierre Menue with the possibility of stopping at the alpine refuges or at the numerous mountain pastures at altitude.

For history buffs, however, do not miss the Fort Bramafam, a fortification erected at the end of the nineteenth century to defend Bardonecchia (and especially the Turin-Modane railway line and the Frejus railway tunnel), for extension and armament it can be considered the largest fortified work of the late nineteenth century in the Cozie Alps. Today the Fort is a museum that hosts exhibitions and events.

Finally a little curiosity: the Rochemolles Dam hosts the World of diving from great heights: the athletes launch from a height that varies between 22 and 27 meters and the water below must have a minimum depth between 4 and 5 meters. But this is a discipline only for professionals.


There are so many things to see and do on the island of Ibiza, so many that you will certainly lack the time necessary to devote to all during your holidays. In order not to lose the essentials and to enjoy the best of its beauty, we decided to draw up a list of the essential things to do on the island, starting from the assumption that Ibiza is not just sea, beaches and nightlife. It also has other aspects that tourists often can not see. In 1999 the White Isla was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for the exceptional cultural and natural richness of many of its places.


The city of Dalt Vila should be one of the must-see destinations for all visitors to Ibiza, for its impressive walls and its beauty, and the tranquility it infuses strolling along its ancient cobblestone streets that climb up the hill on which it is located and from which you can admire an exceptional panorama. During the walk, as well as stopping in the picturesque Plaça de Vila overlooked by clubs, art galleries, craft shops and restaurants, you can visit the Castle, the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Mayor, also known as Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, at the Center Interpreted Madina Yabisa or at the Puget Museum. Visiting Dalt Vila is recommended not only to learn a little about the history of Ibiza, but also to take advantage of an unprecedented tour: it reflects the great cultural variety that has characterized the island over the years.

The rocky island of Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà, the uninhabited rocky island shrouded in a mysterious atmosphere, offers the most beautiful sunset in the Balearic Islands. It can be considered as the most impressive place of Ibiza, located along the south-west coast, one of the most popular and popular among nature lovers. Emblematic fact is the natural park of which Es Vedrà and the other islets live, where there are many species of birds and lizards that differ in size and color, and the marine fauna that enjoys the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
This island has inspired many artists who fell in love with its strange profile in the shape of a dragon’s head. It can be defined as a real natural sculpture resting on the sea. On the west coast you can also visit the famous Torre des Savinar which was built in 1763, is one of the best restored and is located in a privileged position. The tower has an unforgettable view of Es Vedrà and the Mediterranean Sea.

Access to this place is quite complicated, so we advise you to divide the route in two: one part you will do it by car, and the other will be a long, but pleasant walk along paths and climbs. If you do not have your own vehicle, you can contact one of the many car rental agencies in Ibiza.


Along the south-east coast of Ibiza, just in front of Es Vedra, near the beach of Cala d’Hort, there is a place that recalls an ancient city emerged from the waters. Atlantis, this is its name, is a cliff overlooking the sea that centuries ago was used as a quarry for the construction of villas, towers and defensive walls. Much of his magic is due to the strange rock formations created by the hand of man. A large part of the sandstone that was used to build the fortified walls of Dalt Vila in the 16th century was removed here. Characterized by huge natural pools that open between the rocks, still preserves sculptures and sacred images left over time by local artists.

In the 60s hippies landed in Ibiza, impressed by the strange structures created by the rocks, have made it a place of worship and rest, in which to become estranged between stone formations and natural pools. If you want to take a few hours to relax and get away from the chaos of the city or the discos, this is undoubtedly the ideal place.

The anti-HIV pill, before going to Ibiza

Always the condom and the test, but above all the pill Prep: to beat the HIV virus (even before a holiday) the formula is this. Word of the infectivologist Andrea Gori

A man and a woman shake hands, then the image opens and the hands become very many: it is the video that Dr. Andrea Gori, 55, director of the infectious diseases department of the Fondazione Irccs Policlinico of Milan, shows to the youngsters that meets in high schools. It works like the six degrees of separation.

One thinks: I’m fine, my relationship is monogamous, no risk of getting infected with HIV. Not understanding that, even if your partner is loyal, having a sexual relationship with him you go to bed with all those with whom he went to bed in time, and so on

To combat the spread of the virus, with which about 36 million people live in the world, back from June 6 to 10 Convivio, charity exhibition-market promoted by the fashion world in support of Anlaids.

“The aid is needed because unfortunately in Italy, to date, there has never been a significant decrease in the new diagnoses of HIV, which remain about 4 thousand a year. Without taking into account a 30% “submerged” ».

Who is HIV positive today in Italy?
«Statistically, the highest incidence is in males (76.9% of new infections, ed) between 25 and 29 years».

Is the problem always the non-use of condoms?
“Yes, we stayed there. More than 8 times out of 10 the infection occurs with unprotected intercourse. It is a cultural problem, in high schools the boys – while claiming to practice a free sexuality – say they do not talk about it with their parents or teachers, then we are amazed by the boom of 300% of syphilis cases ».

Do you have any children? What would you recommend them?
“I have six. First of all to use the condom, and to take the test: for a year and a half, in the pharmacy there is the do-it-yourself test, which costs about 20 euros, and that allows a twenty year old to know immediately if it is seropositive, and avoid him to find out ten years later when he already has symptoms: on average the males realize it at 39, the females at 36 “.

What life expectancy has a patient today?
“It depends on when he discovers he is HIV-positive. A healthy 20-year-old who starts antiretroviral therapy, which today consists of only one pill a day, has a life expectancy of 78 years “.

We also talk a lot about Prep (Pre-exposure prophylaxis), do you prescribe it?
“Very. There are a lot of seronegative people going to Ibiza, for example, and first they are prescribed antiretroviral drugs because they know they will have promiscuous relationships. The use, which works practically at 100%, is similar to that of the contraceptive pill: one a day. It costs about 70 euros a month, in Italy it is not free, as for example in France ».


Sea or mountain? Art City? Farmhouse in the countryside? For many, these questions are the prelude to a ritual, the planning of summer holidays, which has the taste of relaxation, the desire to discover and free time.

eDreams, the leading online travel agency in Europe, anticipates the choices of Italian and European tourists for the summer of 2018, thanks to the bookings made from June to September on the website and through the APP . And, speaking of free time: the Italians will be among those who enjoy the summer break more, given that the duration of the average holiday in our country is increasing.

It is Sicily that wins the first two positions in the ranking of the favorite destinations of our compatriots. In fact, the first goal for the summer 2018 is Palermo, with Catania in second place.

Next, the first international city, the Big Apple, which excites the appetite of Italian travelers and is positioned in third place, in front of the paradises of Sardinia. Growing 122% this year, the metropolis par excellence exceeds London and Paris, but also sacred monsters of summer nightlife like Barcelona.

But it is here that we are witnessing the comeback of Italy: the fourth and fifth position are occupied by Olbia and Cagliari, which surpass the Isla Bonita, Ibiza.

Compared to the 2017 trends, Lamezia Terme resists, a tangible sign of a tourist renaissance that this year is kissing Calabria, also according to the international press. On the other hand, there is a difference regarding visitors attracted by Salento: if last year this area, with Brindisi airport, occupied the tenth position, today it comes out of the top ten, slipping to the thirteenth.