Federica Nargi sports a top-quality bikini in Formentera. Summer has not started yet but the former two-piece tissue is amazing

Federica Nargi flew in her beloved Formentera and enjoyed a summer advance with her daughter Sofia. The former blackberry has also sported the first bikini of the season surpassing with full marks the costume test.

Federica Nargi, 28, in a bikini in Formentera
A perfect physique, Federica in two pieces is a splendor. Difficult not to notice it while walking relaxed on the water’s edge: flat abdomen, tonic legs, it is really a splendor.
The followers on the social congratulations: the Nargi in bikini is full of like.
Federica last December has vented on Instagram against those who call it too thin: “Do not call me anorexic,” he thundered in a post. The Nargi explained that she lost weight because of stress: “Write me that I’m too dry, I see it alone, but do not allow yourself to use the word anorexia, it’s a disease, it’s serious and it ruins the lives of so many girls and of their families, it’s not something to joke about, it’s not an offense or a judgment, “he wrote to his followers without too many turns of words.

Federica, in bikini in Formentera, after a few months, shows off a long but healthy body. The Nargi is ready for the summer and wanted to return immediately to the Balearics, where he is now at home and where he spends most of the holidays with his partner Alessandro Matri and their daughter Sofia.

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