Tourism: how to get around in Formentera

Formentera is a beautiful island and for this reason it is called the paradise of the Mediterranean. Its small size, has an extension of about 82 square kilometers and only 19 kilometers of roads, allow you to visit palm to palm, enjoying its beautiful beaches, villages, nature trails, coves, fields and coasts.

There are several ways to move around in Formentera and explore its wonders: by bike, motorbike, taxi, bus, on foot, and if you really can not do without the four wheels, even by car.

One of the most common ways to get around the island and reach the most beautiful places is by bike, which you can rent at very low prices. The whole island has a good network of cycle paths and paths that can be traveled by bike. Various maps and brochures of Formentera, which describe the routes, rural roads, vineyards, pine forests declared natural areas and dunes, are available at the tourist office.

Who rents bicycles: hikers, sport and nature lovers and, in the less hot periods, also families with teenagers.

If you are traveling with your family, with young children, and want to have the best possible autonomy, what you need is to turn to one of the many services that offer car rental Formentera. Remember! The seat belt is mandatory and depending on the age of your children, the car rental agency will advise you if a child seat is needed. The speed limit in Formentera is 70 km / h and the speed camera is ready to signal those who break the rule. However, you do not need to run, you’re on vacation!

The bike is another of the means used to move around the island, appreciated especially by young people and couples. The bike has many of the good things about the bike, like freedom of movement that offers the feeling of a direct contact with nature, the ease of reaching the most remote corner of the island and the accessibility to any parking. For this reason you will meet hundreds of motorcycles every day along the roads and paths of Formentera.

Formentera is a small island with a very wide and developed bus offer. Regular bus lines connect the main centers, both tourist and citizens, and the most characteristic beaches of the island. The stops are in places of main interest, such as El Pilar, Ca Marí, Mariland, es Caló, Sant Ferran, playa de Illetes, es Pujols, sa Roqueta, Sant Francesc Xavier and La Savina. Public transport services are available throughout the year and are strengthened during the summer.

Another vehicle with which you can move comfortably and quickly is the taxi, especially if you move in groups. The RadioTaxi service is available 24 hours a day; you can also find fixed stations at the port of La Savina, Es Pujols and Sant Francesc Xavier. The taxi service provides vehicles suitable for the transport of disabled people.

Another particularly exploited way in Formentera is the boat, which allows you to visit it directly from the sea. The costs are less contained, but it is the only way to take a bath far from the crowded beaches of tourists.

If you love walking and you feel untiring and adventurous, Formentera has enchanting views, caves, coves and beaches accessible only on foot. For tourists who like to walk, the Municipality of Formentera has prepared some routes to take advantage of the old rural roads and reach the most evocative localities of the territory.

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