Sailing and DJ sets, monasteries and lighthouses: a round of ideas for the sea in Croatia


Destination for all tastes, targets and pockets, in Croatia you can range from the exclusive and fashionable Hvar to the rugged and wild beauty of the Kamenjak peninsula, south of Pula. In addition to postcard images, such as Zlatni Rat, the beach of the island of Brac that draws the famous tongue of golden sand, the beautiful season on the way offers the opportunity to discover some places, more or less known, in pairs, with the family or with friends.


If the idea is to get out of the usual tourist routes, you can let yourself be lulled by the sound of the sea in the coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo and then sail to the island of Mljet. The latter, characterized by expanses of olive trees, vineyards and thick woods is among the greenest and most hidden of the Adriatic. Still on the subject of alternative holidays, water sports enthusiasts lurk between the island of Cres, the largest of the Adriatic, an undisputed paradise for sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking, and the island of Rab. Among the favorite places of Croatian nautical tourism, on the so-called “island of happiness” you can even afford the thrill of the parasail, an adrenaline flight with a parachute pulled by a motor boat.

Among the most popular destinations for youngsters, the so-called “Croatian Ibiza” Pag stands out unopposed. With Zrce Beach, the popular 24-hour beach, the best international DJs and the famous clubs Papaya, Calypso, Aquarius and Noah Club, it is a timeless guarantee for the fans of discos and parties from all over the world.

Those who prefer to take a bath in a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere can then opt for the mysticism of the tiny island of Lokrum, with its Benedictine monastery, which can be reached by a quarter of an hour’s boat from Dubrovnik, or choose the beautiful bay of pebbles of Senjavac, the cult destination of naturists overlooking the Gulf of Kvarner.

To experience a truly different experience, finally, you can experience the thrill of being, at least once in your life, the lighthouse keepers. Where is it? In Pločica, staying in the lighthouse located between the islands of Korčula, Hvar and the Pelješac peninsula, in Veli Rat, in the building built on the northwest promontory of Dugi Otok, near the Porer lighthouse, well planted on the islet of the same name a short distance from the Istrian village of Premantura or, again, to the island of Palagruža, a “galla” between the Italian and Croatian coasts.

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