Balearic and sport, a paradise for those who want an active holiday

Scuba diving, kayaking and sailing, but also land activities such as cycling, horse riding, golf and much more for those who prefer a sporting holiday.
Balearic and sport, a paradise for those who want an active holiday
The Balearic archipelago – Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera – is a true paradise for those who love adventure and outdoor sports. On these islands it is possible to immerse yourself in the uncontaminated nature and explore the inland territories in total freedom. Thanks to their particular topography and favorable climate, these islands offer year-round a fertile territory for sporting activities – on land, at sea and even in the air – and attract tourists because of the breathtaking views you can enjoy: panoramic points, caves overlooking the sea, rugged coastline, but also green paths and long sandy beaches. All these places are ideal for sports activities linked to nature, from mountain biking to trekking, diving, kayaking and windsurfing. On the islands the specialized structures are improved from year to year, always offering maximum security. Also on the islands, if you do not have any equipment, you can find a wide range of specialized shops that sell all the necessary equipment to practice these sports.
The island of Mallorca boasts first-class sports facilities: a football stadium, a velodrome and a large number of golf courses. Moreover, Mallorca is internationally renowned for the nautical competitions held every summer in the waters just off its coast and for the trot races that take place almost every weekend in the racetracks of Palma and Manacor. The most active visitors can choose from a wide range of sports: for team game lovers there are beach volleyball tournaments, football or tennis matches; for those who prefer water activities there are swimming, sailing, windsurfing, but also scuba diving and water skiing competitions; for those who prefer more adrenaline-like activities there are flights in hang-gliding, parachuting and rock climbing. The mountainous landscapes of the island lend themselves to explorations by bicycle, an example is the Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain chain full of gorges and canyons that stretches along the north-western coast, which during the summer hosts on its trails cycling competitions , while the steepest routes and bumps are perfect for mountain biking.
On the island of Menorca one of the favorite activities by sport lovers is Kayak, a simple sport with which you can have fun alone or in a couple, on board this small boat that allows you to travel the coastline centimeter by centimeter, succeeding to discover magnificent places such as coves or caves accessible only by sea. On land, instead, you can discover the internal rural area, bordered by stone walls that cross the whole territory, practicing activities ranging from a simple walk through the hills to the rides. Among the various excursions the most striking is the Cami de Cavalls, the path of the horses, thanks to which you can cross all the landscapes of the island, prairies, beaches, medieval villages and woods, following a pre-established itinerary along a path that is articulated for about 185km.
Its location and climate make Ibiza a perfect place for any kind of outdoor sports. This island offers a varied panorama of breathtaking trails to be enjoyed in complete tranquility on foot or by bike, and hosts periodically numerous competitions for professionals, including cycling and mountain biking, triathlon and marathons, by sea and by land. Throughout the year it is possible to practice sports such as surfing, windsurfing and scuba diving, but also to explore the island on board a kayak or, for speed enthusiasts, in motocross.
Formentera is the island of the archipelago in which to enjoy the days with more calm, but there are also opportunities for outdoor sports. You can visit the island by bike along the flat trails or get on a hill in motion to admire the view from the inlets and coves that characterize the coast. In Formentera there are 32 circuits that can be explored on foot so as to be able to reach places not visible from the road and not accessible by car or motorbike. These paths, made of paths that are intertwined for over 100 km, are the perfect place to practice Nordic walking, Nordic walking, a simple activity for which you only need to get sticks. But those who really want to enjoy the calm and peace of these places can practice birdwatching, that is to observe the birds and with them all the fauna and flora of the island.

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