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The 13,000-square-foot oceanfront home has five bedrooms, sleek contemporary style and indoor living spaces that seamlessly transition to outdoor terraces. Its location on the El Paredon Resort on Banderas Bay means guests have access to the resort’s amenities, plus perks like daily maid and cook service.

The back of the house features three floors looking over the private pool and beach, with plenty of room for sunbathing, dining and even grilling on the barbecue. Refresh yourself in the outdoor shower and private spa, work out in the exercise room and stay comfortable in the in-room air conditioning.

It is a unique mix of sleek contemporary furnishings and natural features. Trees growing through the oceanfront balconies have been left intact, making the open-plan living areas feel as though they’ve grown out of the landscape. In the living room, clean-lined white seating is cool and modern, while pops of color like a red carpet and yellow cushions add a whimsical touch. A statement stone dining table has room for twelve, and the fully equipped kitchen has a spacious breakfast bar.

Each of the villa’s five bedrooms has an en-suite bathroom, in-room air conditioning and a ceiling fan. There are two bedrooms with king beds, walk-in closets and ocean views; one has access to a terrace and the other opens to a balcony. A third bedroom has two queen beds, a walk-in closet and a balcony, and the fourth bedroom has a queen bed, double bed, trundle bed, walk-in closet, sitting room and oceanfront balcony. The fifth bedroom has two twin beds, a sitting area, kitchenette and a small terrace. Additional bedding is available in the media room, where you’ll find a double Murphy bed.

How to survive in Ibiza if you are over 35 years old

Forget tamarri, bimbiminkia, tunz tunz. Ibiza is the island of everyone and for everyone. Even if you’re not a kid anymore.

Aesthetic and moral intervention (since 2008 the afterhours are forbidden, at least the official ones), restyling, modernization, just to use a term very close to our way of looking at things. In the last ten years, Ibiza has changed profoundly. On the one hand the purists, who no longer recognize themselves on the island, defend themselves as they can before the progress of the progressives, attracted by the important and attractive business opportunities that the entertainment industry offers today. Increasingly they are occasions that can be rejected. I have been in Ibiza since I was 20 and today, when I was 34, I experienced all the phases of its transformation on my skin. Is it me that I have adapted to the island or the island that has adapted to me? Both things. But you need to learn to listen to your mind and your body that asks for some small but fundamental extra attention because, okay that you are not 50 years old, but you do not even have 20 anymore.
It seems clear to me that the times of where “I put myself” are over.
Old school apartments shared in ten with shifts to sleep. Instead, organize a nice group of friends and rent a villa outside the nerve centers of the island. better if with pool. From north to south, from east to west, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Do not panic. The price of a beautiful villa with swimming pool is sustainable in groups and does not differ much from what you would pay for a “nice” hotel room near the port.
The finca offers peace of mind, culinary autonomy, while the pool ensures relaxation and independence from the beaches that, especially in August, are more crowded than usual.
A priceless serenity.
And I recommend it, it is always about price, that sometimes some owners let themselves be taken by enthusiasm.
It can be done!
I never thought that in my life I would have dedicated a few lines to … the shutters. Yes, those blinds that allow you to turn the bedroom into a tomb. For me it is a primary condition for a good sleep. And you can not even imagine how hard I have done during my travels .. From the socks tied on the eyes to the Karate Kid, to the curtains stuck to the wall with tape to prevent the light from filtering. I’ve tried them all and I’ve always suffered a lot. Until, after 30 years I discovered the mask. On some things I’m slow.
The same thing happened with the pistachio ice cream and the Gin that, since taking the place of vodka, has made my best awakenings.
Moral, make sure that at least your room has shutters because in Ibiza you often go to sleep when the sun is already high in the sky. Risking never to rest.
If someone from the group comes out with phrases like “I’ll take the scooter, it’s more agile”, or like that, stop it! Considering that you have taken a beautiful villa with a pool six kilometers of curves from life, you never ever want to reach it with a scooter. Apart from the cool of the evening – and now we get there – the car allows better movements in the distances you have to travel to reach the best beaches. Long days away from home (in Ibiza you know when you leave but you never know when and if you come back …) can find a healthy ally in a car that can also be used as a locker room. So car all the life.
In 17 years that I go to Ibiza in the evening I have never suffered the heat once. Maybe I was lucky but most probably it is only a morphological question. Being an island the air circulates very well and Ibiza is often caressed by a pleasant sea breeze. Some locals make history to themselves. Air conditioning and above all the legendary fans on the sweaty neck can reserve you unpleasant surprises. So pay attention my dear old men that we Italians are beautiful but delicate.
The revolution in Ibiza began on May 28, 2011 at 3 pm. When the great dancefloor of the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel in Playa D’En Bossa rewrote the rules of clubbing. Let’s go back to the bomb. On the one hand the purists who no longer recognize themselves on the island, on the other the progressives attracted by the important and attractive business opportunities that the entertainment industry offers today. The fact remains that the so-called daytime parties have forever changed the island and its vices. The fun is now more aware. Enough afterhours, the party starts around 5pm and ends at midnight, not depriving you of the day at the beach or around shopping or sports. Oh, then if you want to be twenty, you’re still in the right place eh …

Disneyland Paris: new areas dedicated to Frozen, Star Wars and Marvel

There are 320 million visitors who since 1992, the year of its opening, have now crossed the gates of Disneyland Paris to enjoy its magic. These exceptional numbers have led the Walt Disney Company to invest 2 billion dollars for the expansion of the amusement park, as was announced in recent days by the Palais de l’Elise in Paris by the president and CEO of the company, Robert A. Iger, and by the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Thanks to this large amount to the already many attractions of Disneyland Paris, whose visitors correspond to 6.2% of income derived from tourism in France, will be added three new areas dedicated to the franchise of the house of Mickey Mouse Frozen, the Star Wars saga and superheroes Marvel will also create another lake that will connect the new parts of the park and destined to become the nerve center of these “new worlds”.

Elsa and Anna FrozenHDDisneyland Paris
The same Iger, in communicating the expansion plan of the park, said he was excited about the success of Disneyland Paris – which boasts more than 16 thousand employees from over 100 different countries – realities on which the Walt Disney Company will not stop investing, as also happened in the last years during which many of its historical enchanted places, among which the Disney’s Newport Bay Cloub Hotel stands out, have been renovated.

A room at Disney’s New York Hotel – The Art of MarvelDisney Marvel
The development of the new areas of Disneyland Paris will begin in 2021 and, thanks to these, the park is destined to double its size. Meanwhile, already in 2020 it will be possible to sleep in the rooms of Disney’s New York Hotel – The Art of Marvel, a reinterpretation of Disney New York Hotel in a superheroistic way where you can walk and sleep between sketches, relics and original costumes of the characters of the House of Ideas come to the big screen, stay in rooms worthy of Tony Stark or in suites dedicated to the most beloved Avengers.

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