Today we speak of one of the most ‘scenic and cool restaurants in Milan: Ceresio 7. It was born in September 2013 on the roof of the historic building of Enel taken over by the brothers Dean and Dan Cauten (those of Dsquared, so to speak). The New York style lounge area expands in two spectacular terraces with pools open to the public during the day and furnished with elegant sofas. Between the two terraces, the spacious internal room, overlooking the modern skyline of the new business center and the Varesine where you can drink classic cocktails or revisited with Italian ingredients and have an aperitif immersed in the light of the sunset that cuts the new skyscrapers and the Monumental Cemetery and restaurant allows guests to enjoy the creations of the chef Elio Sironi both inside and, in good weather, en plein air surrounded by greenery.
The location is really very, very beautiful but – you know – the fashions in Milan pass quickly. Ceresio 7 was born as a trendy and continuous place, after its four years of abundant activity to be more ‘on the crest of the wave. What’s your secret? Without a doubt the haute cuisine of the great Elio Sironi.
We give the floor to the chef.

How was your passion for cooking born?
From an early age; already ‘at ten years I had the precise idea of ​​being a cook, do not ask me why’ and the percome but when my brothers read the comics Zagor and Tex and mom bought the magazine La Cucina Italiana I spent the days on this . I do not know but it was just an attraction, a visceral passion. Then, being the last of the brothers, I was perhaps the most ‘cuddly, I was always attached to the skirts of Corbetta (mother) and … I must tell you, I already’ as a child I wanted to get my hands dirty! Moreover, I saw it as the great journey, a way out and so it was. I traveled the world doing food..the most beautiful thing! I’m really happy with this job; He took me so much and gave me so much. Being a cook has always been and will always be a not indifferent commitment because the working hours are not counted, social life sometimes you have to put aside because it always wins that … I do not know how to call it … mania to go more ‘in the. Despite my fifties and years I feel that I still have many things to learn but I also have many things to tell.

Curriculum: England, Germany, France, Switzerland, United States, Japan, Costa Smeralda, Madrid ..
I also did South Africa, 3 wonderful years. My first experience was in Switzerland by Girardin and marked my path after school. The school gave me a lot but it is clear that then our work is mainly on the field.

Did you do the hotel school?
Yes, in Como and, to follow, I did the Villa d’Este which was a mandatory stop at the time. When this was over I began to travel; at the beginning not too far but already from Girardin, at the time, I was dealing not with simple dishes but with works of art. Imagine a kid who comes to a restaurant like that after seeing trays of chicken breasts and lasagna and is in front of the actual composition of a plate as if it were a painting and, because I did not have the money to buy a camera, I still have the drawings that I did in the evening, in the room, dishes I had seen … the red mullet with the yellow pepper puree, the black eggplant .. now it may seem a triviality .. but 30 years ago they were the first steps towards a new kitchen. Another great, great experience was by Marchesi in Bonvesin della Riva. To hear it speak it was understood that the kitchen goes beyond the plate, there ‘behind a philosophy, a way of thinking about the dish … more’ I felt and more I wanted to know.

I think you can not be a chef without being curious
I agree with you. Curiosity is one of the fundamental elements because if not, just eat.
In my opinion there are a whole series of components in a chef, in addition to the manageriality that distinguishes a chef from a chef: emotionality, sensitivity … I believe that in every dish there is also emotion, feeling, in addition to research. This is what distinguishes the great.
Very true, if the dishes were made only with the help of the technique the results would be really weak. More than from the technique I am obsessed with touch, with touching; touch the meat, touch the salt, have that q.b. in the head to say “that pinch of salt more ‘in the water has made the difference of the roundness’ of pasta”. Although mine are very trustworthy – my second has been with me for 10 years – I taste everything … I have spoons on all sides.

What’s left of all your experience around the world?
The most sensory experience was in Japan. Tokyo fascinated me more than New York and I took my first steps … I came from an Italian reality in which there were four or more people in the kitchen.

Balearic Islands: what to see

The Balearic Islands are located between Spain and the North African coast, and surrounded by the waters of the Mediterranean. Every summer the Balearic Islands welcome thousands of tourists of all nationalities thanks to miles of fine sandy beaches, scorching sun, excellent restaurants and exuberant nightlife.
What is surprising is that Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera – that is, the Balearic Islands – have managed to maintain, despite massive tourism, a certain integrity. In addition to bars, beaches and entertainment 24 hours a day, in the Balearics you will find Gothic cathedrals, Neolithic megaliths, fishing villages, beautiful rural paths and stretches of orange groves and olive groves as far as the eye can see. he managed to spoil these delicate corners of Spain

The Balearic Islands are an archipelago of the western Mediterranean Sea and form an autonomous community of Spain consisting of four islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, and a single province. Also part of the Balearic archipelago is the smaller island of Cabrera, which houses the homonymous natural park, and some islets. The capital of the Balearic Islands is Palma de Mallorca, while the official languages ​​are both Catalan and Spanish. Also called the islands of eternal spring for their mild climate throughout the year, the Balearics are one of the most popular destinations in Spain and beyond. Their beaches are famous all over the world but, despite this, it is still possible to find pristine and heavenly beaches, especially in Menorca and Formentera. Although very close to each other, the islands are decidedly different from each other, and this is mainly due to their different historical heritage. Ibiza and Formentera are the most famous and the most popular (especially by Italians), while Mallorca and Menorca are more reserved and quiet.

In Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza land a lot of charter and line flights from all over Europe. Among the main airlines flying non-stop from Italy there are Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, Meridiana, Neos, Air Europa and Iberia. Direct flights are from May until October; in autumn and winter you will necessarily have to make a stopover in Spain.

By ferry Due to its small size, Formentera does not have an airport and can only be reached by ferry from Ibiza. From Barcelona you can reach Palma, Alcudia (in the northeastern part of Mallorca) via Ciutadella (on the island of Menorca), Maó and Sant Antoni (Ibiza). Then there are several companies that connect the four islands to each other. All these services are active from mid-May to September. Out of season the frequency drops considerably.

Majorca is the island with the most local transport: there are two railway lines and a complete bus network that will allow you to reach any location on the island. There are also around 30 car rental agencies and you can hire bikes in many of the island’s villages.

Menorca instead does not have an equally developed transport network and, for example, to reach Maó from the airport you have to take a taxi. Three bus companies operate on the island and there are several car, motorbike and bicycle rental agencies. The transport network of

Ibiza has bus lines that reach all the locations on the island. In general, especially in Menorca and Ibiza it is preferable to rent a car to have the freedom to reach even the most hidden coves.

In Formentera you just need to rent a motorbike or a bicycle because the distances are short.

Gilda Ambrosio, one of the most successful under 30s

Forbes inserts the Neapolitan influencer and designer in his ranking of 30 European under 30s to keep an eye on in the “art and culture” sector. A great success for the creative of the Attico brand. Also because he has just turned 25 in years

Another important recognition for the excellence of Italian fashion comes from the prestigious Forbes magazine. Only a few months ago, the magazine had crowned Chiara Ferragni as number one in its world ranking of the most powerful fashion influencers.
Today, however, it touches Gilda Ambrosio: the name of the designer and it-girl made in Italy figure in fact in the European classification of 30 Under 30 to keep an eye in the category Art & Culture. Together with Ambrosio, in the same category the magazine mentions three other Italians: Lorenzo Uggeri, founder of the Kooness platform, and the chefs Davide Caranchini and Floriano Pellegrino. Another 8, then, the Italians present in the other 9 categories identified by Forbes. Twelve national prides on 300 names: an excellent result for our country.

But, for us, the queen of the 300 young and talented names identified by the American magazine is Ambrosio: founder and creative director of the super cool brand Attico together with her friend Giorgia Tordini, she adds to her personal palmarès – which includes, among other things his report among the 500 most important figures in the fashion world according to Business of Fashion – this prestigious award. Already a career of all respect behind, just 25 years, and a future that can only be radiant for her. All thanks to an innate sense of style – its unmistakable touch? The ability to mix avant-garde brands with well-dressed classics – and a curious, lively and snappy entrepreneurial mind. But also a look of a deer in front of which it is impossible to remain indifferent.

1 – Despite having achieved success in Milan, Gilda is Neapolitan doc. It was in fact born in the shadow of Vesuvius in 1992.

2 – For his recent birthday, the friends have organized a surprise party, told live on Instagram with dozens of photos and Stories. The guests all wore a wig that emulated the long hair of the birthday girl.

3 – Its most characteristic aesthetic feature is its long, silky black hair. He said he never washed them at home.

4 – He lived a love affair with Andrea Rosso, son of Renzo Rosso, owner of Diesel.

5 – Only a few days ago he debuted as a model on the catwalk, for the fashion show of the young GCDS brand, within the official calendar of Milano Moda Uomo.

6 – His style icon is Cher. The Pocahontas hair, actually, they share the two. Among the Italian actresses, Gilda declared she loves Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren, Virna Lisi and Monica Bellucci.

7 – The first collection of its Attico label was presented in February 2016. Not even two years ago. And she has already managed to dress up stars like Katy Perry, Emily Ratajkovski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

8 – His favorite game, as a child, was to dress the mannequins of the parents’ fashion boutique.

9 – On Instagram it has 275 thousand followers and follows 1492 profiles.

10 – As for make-up, Gilda almost always prefers a natural effect. So much so that one wonders if it really is tricks … or not.

11 – Your favorite holiday destination seems to be Ibiza. There was also last summer, in the company of what the rose magazines have identified as his new boyfriend: Stefano De Martino. But this is a whole other story.

Air transport: Laudamotion flies from Zurich and Basel

Laudamotion, the new airline of Niki Lauda, ​​arrives in Switzerland. It will fly from Zurich and Basel to nine holiday destinations. Two airplanes will leave Switzerland in the summer of 2018, the Condor company that markets Laudamotion flights announced today.

Laudamotion, the new airline of Niki Lauda, ​​arrives in Switzerland. It will fly from Zurich and Basel to nine holiday destinations. Two airplanes will leave Switzerland in the summer of 2018, the Condor company that markets Laudamotion flights announced today. Beginning in Basel, Laudamotion will offer a new connection every day to the island of Mallorca.
Two flights a week will also allow you to reach Candia, the capital of the Greek island of Crete. From Zurich it will be possible to fly with Laudamotion to the Spanish islands of Ibiza, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, as well as to the Greek islands of Corfu and Rhodes. Links are also scheduled with Olbia and Lamezia Terme, in Italy. Former Austrian driver Niki Lauda took over his Niki company at the beginning of the year, sold in 2011 to Air Berlin, which has now gone bankrupt. Later Lauda announced that Niki now operates under the name of Laudamotion.

In Ponza, the first Sushi Boat Restaurant in the world is launched

A boat equipped with every comfort, crystal clear water around, a ray of sunshine to make the scene perfect and a feast of excellent Japanese cuisine. And as a backdrop, the spectacle of the sea of ​​Ponza. A dream that is about to become reality thanks to the young Roman businessman Francesco Santilli, ready to launch the first Sushi Boat Restaurant in the world. So, before the summer, there will be one more reason to reach the paradisiac destination of Lazio.
The exotic name of the new concept is inspired by the Wako pirates of the Land of the Rising Sun and fits perfectly because just crossing the Ocean, the Muramaki, met different populations that also influenced their culinary habits (and vice versa). Looking for treasures along the Asian routes, their adventures inside and outside the table have become mythical and today they live in a completely different version. At the moment, in the meantime, the countdown has begun for the arrival of the boat that will not be sure to be docked all the time, but will take off to other havens. It will move first to Italy and then to the Balearic Islands, as foreseen in the project by 2019, while for the first launch it will have to wait for the next 2 June.

The boat, original and completely renovated, dates back to the nineteenth century and as early as this summer it will be ready to set sail and to accommodate customers / travelers, eager to enjoy the dishes from one coast to another. Santilli, moreover, knows well the secrets of the restaurant and the wishes of those who choose to have a meal outside. In fact, it already has two important experiences in the Capital with L’Avocado Bar (Rione Monti) and the Terrazza Glaciale (Rione Trastevere). And then he is himself a lover of Japan style food. After having savored so many sashimi and stuffed rice rolls on wooden sailing ships served by smiling almond-eyed chefs, the brilliant idea did not take long to flash in his head. He therefore brought together a team of professionals and decided it was time to think of an original and innovative concept, following the demands of those who have been attending ethnic cooking clubs for some time.

Hard to say if the initiative will have more surprises to be revealed over time, but certainly it is already an irresistible call for those who want to combine a short vacation in the water with fresh dishes of Japanese cuisine. You can get on board from Rada del Frontone, every day with non-stop time for a full immersion of relaxation and good living. Moreover, a free pickup from the port of Ponza will be available and there will be a take away service and dinghy delivery for all boats that want to organize a private snack with sushi, drinks and alcohol. Costs will vary depending on the distance to be covered. The restaurant will be open every day from 11 to 24 and the bar until two in the morning.

You can also taste the burrito sushi € 8, the € 10 donut sushi, the € 10 burger and fusion dishes that are very successful especially in the United States. And then, the € 15 poke bowls, which combine Japanese and Hawaiian culture reworking the classic sushi. The cocktail menu will recall the “pirate” tradition and will be combined with the menu and for those who want it, it will be possible to rent the caique for private events.