“Flower House”, and the abandoned villa comes back to life with green

The florist Lisa Waud calls together the green designers to redevelop a building in ruins in Detroit and fill it with flowers

“Flower House”, and the abandoned villa comes back to life with green
In Detroit, an abandoned house becomes a green installation thanks to the project

In October, florists, botanists and flower designers from all over the US will gather in Detroit, Michigan, to work together on a single, green installation.
The project stems from an idea of ​​the American creative Lisa Waud, specialized in plant design and retraining, fascinated by the potential of plants to change the space.
Renamed as “Flower House”, the initiative is a collective call to fill walls and ceilings of an abandoned villa in Detroit with flowers and plants of all kinds and is already making a name for itself in print and social networks.
«We aim to arouse curiosity and stimulate the passion for sustainability in the participants and visitors.

The inspiration for the project? The fascinating and ambitious works of Christo. And a wonderful Dior show of 2012 in which the flowers were the real protagonists. I thought I wanted to do something too. ”
Objective: to give new life to a forgotten architectural structure. In the name of Flower Power.

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