S’Espalmador, the Balearic island sold to a magnate

So far S’Espalmador was known as an earthly paradise, but a tycoon bought it for just under 20 million euros

S’Espalmador is a small island in the Balearic Islands off the coast of Formentera and not far from Ibiza. Until now it was known as a paradise on earth, a favorite destination for those who practice naturism and the passionate sailors who throw anchor in its crystal clear waters to make memorable baths. But from next summer nobody will be able to set foot.
The island has just been sold for just under 20 million euros to a Luxembourg magnate.
On the island, only 137 hectares large (3 km long and 800 wide), there are very few buildings: two houses, a chapel and a watchtower. Also now owned by the magnate.
S’Espalmador can also be reached on foot from Formentera when there is low tide. Many tourists come here to immerse themselves in the natural mud that seems to be a cure for the skin.
The island was in fact already privately owned and belonged to the Catalan architect Norman Cinnamond, but it still remained in Spanish hands. He had been in the real estate market for three years, but the local government could not get it.
The old owners allowed thousands of tourists to arrive safely on the island during the summer. We will have to see if the new one will also be of such broad views.
The new owner is however aware of the fact that S’Espalmador is part of the Ses Salines Natural Park and therefore must be protected by law and maintained as it is.
The park extends from the southern edge of Ibiza to the northern part of Formentera and, in addition to S’Espalmador, includes the islands of Es Penjats, S’Espardell, the Illes Negres and the rocks of Escull d’en Terra, En Caragoler, Seca de Sa Barqueta.
From the S’Espalmador beach you can easily see the lights of Ibiza’s nightclubs and beach bars, just a few nautical miles away and reachable by boat. Without being disturbed by noise. A paradise, in short, perhaps now lost.

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