Gilda Ambrosio, one of the most successful under 30s

Forbes inserts the Neapolitan influencer and designer in his ranking of 30 European under 30s to keep an eye on in the “art and culture” sector. A great success for the creative of the Attico brand. Also because he has just turned 25 in years

Another important recognition for the excellence of Italian fashion comes from the prestigious Forbes magazine. Only a few months ago, the magazine had crowned Chiara Ferragni as number one in its world ranking of the most powerful fashion influencers.
Today, however, it touches Gilda Ambrosio: the name of the designer and it-girl made in Italy figure in fact in the European classification of 30 Under 30 to keep an eye in the category Art & Culture. Together with Ambrosio, in the same category the magazine mentions three other Italians: Lorenzo Uggeri, founder of the Kooness platform, and the chefs Davide Caranchini and Floriano Pellegrino. Another 8, then, the Italians present in the other 9 categories identified by Forbes. Twelve national prides on 300 names: an excellent result for our country.

But, for us, the queen of the 300 young and talented names identified by the American magazine is Ambrosio: founder and creative director of the super cool brand Attico together with her friend Giorgia Tordini, she adds to her personal palmarès – which includes, among other things his report among the 500 most important figures in the fashion world according to Business of Fashion – this prestigious award. Already a career of all respect behind, just 25 years, and a future that can only be radiant for her. All thanks to an innate sense of style – its unmistakable touch? The ability to mix avant-garde brands with well-dressed classics – and a curious, lively and snappy entrepreneurial mind. But also a look of a deer in front of which it is impossible to remain indifferent.

1 – Despite having achieved success in Milan, Gilda is Neapolitan doc. It was in fact born in the shadow of Vesuvius in 1992.

2 – For his recent birthday, the friends have organized a surprise party, told live on Instagram with dozens of photos and Stories. The guests all wore a wig that emulated the long hair of the birthday girl.

3 – Its most characteristic aesthetic feature is its long, silky black hair. He said he never washed them at home.

4 – He lived a love affair with Andrea Rosso, son of Renzo Rosso, owner of Diesel.

5 – Only a few days ago he debuted as a model on the catwalk, for the fashion show of the young GCDS brand, within the official calendar of Milano Moda Uomo.

6 – His style icon is Cher. The Pocahontas hair, actually, they share the two. Among the Italian actresses, Gilda declared she loves Anna Magnani, Sophia Loren, Virna Lisi and Monica Bellucci.

7 – The first collection of its Attico label was presented in February 2016. Not even two years ago. And she has already managed to dress up stars like Katy Perry, Emily Ratajkovski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

8 – His favorite game, as a child, was to dress the mannequins of the parents’ fashion boutique.

9 – On Instagram it has 275 thousand followers and follows 1492 profiles.

10 – As for make-up, Gilda almost always prefers a natural effect. So much so that one wonders if it really is tricks … or not.

11 – Your favorite holiday destination seems to be Ibiza. There was also last summer, in the company of what the rose magazines have identified as his new boyfriend: Stefano De Martino. But this is a whole other story.

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