In Ponza, the first Sushi Boat Restaurant in the world is launched

A boat equipped with every comfort, crystal clear water around, a ray of sunshine to make the scene perfect and a feast of excellent Japanese cuisine. And as a backdrop, the spectacle of the sea of ​​Ponza. A dream that is about to become reality thanks to the young Roman businessman Francesco Santilli, ready to launch the first Sushi Boat Restaurant in the world. So, before the summer, there will be one more reason to reach the paradisiac destination of Lazio.
The exotic name of the new concept is inspired by the Wako pirates of the Land of the Rising Sun and fits perfectly because just crossing the Ocean, the Muramaki, met different populations that also influenced their culinary habits (and vice versa). Looking for treasures along the Asian routes, their adventures inside and outside the table have become mythical and today they live in a completely different version. At the moment, in the meantime, the countdown has begun for the arrival of the boat that will not be sure to be docked all the time, but will take off to other havens. It will move first to Italy and then to the Balearic Islands, as foreseen in the project by 2019, while for the first launch it will have to wait for the next 2 June.

The boat, original and completely renovated, dates back to the nineteenth century and as early as this summer it will be ready to set sail and to accommodate customers / travelers, eager to enjoy the dishes from one coast to another. Santilli, moreover, knows well the secrets of the restaurant and the wishes of those who choose to have a meal outside. In fact, it already has two important experiences in the Capital with L’Avocado Bar (Rione Monti) and the Terrazza Glaciale (Rione Trastevere). And then he is himself a lover of Japan style food. After having savored so many sashimi and stuffed rice rolls on wooden sailing ships served by smiling almond-eyed chefs, the brilliant idea did not take long to flash in his head. He therefore brought together a team of professionals and decided it was time to think of an original and innovative concept, following the demands of those who have been attending ethnic cooking clubs for some time.

Hard to say if the initiative will have more surprises to be revealed over time, but certainly it is already an irresistible call for those who want to combine a short vacation in the water with fresh dishes of Japanese cuisine. You can get on board from Rada del Frontone, every day with non-stop time for a full immersion of relaxation and good living. Moreover, a free pickup from the port of Ponza will be available and there will be a take away service and dinghy delivery for all boats that want to organize a private snack with sushi, drinks and alcohol. Costs will vary depending on the distance to be covered. The restaurant will be open every day from 11 to 24 and the bar until two in the morning.

You can also taste the burrito sushi € 8, the € 10 donut sushi, the € 10 burger and fusion dishes that are very successful especially in the United States. And then, the € 15 poke bowls, which combine Japanese and Hawaiian culture reworking the classic sushi. The cocktail menu will recall the “pirate” tradition and will be combined with the menu and for those who want it, it will be possible to rent the caique for private events.

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