The no of historians and sociologists to arms for teachers

In the US the debate is open and the front in favor of the arms lobby is not as compact as it once was, even if President Trump still supports the NRA

“From the educator to the sociologist everyone will say that it is a wrong answer to arm professors in front of a massacre, but it could be a right answer for that slice of the American population that Trump represents and that John Ghunter already in the Forties, in the book Inside Usa , defined characterized by “greed, ignorance, absence of aesthetic values, enrichment by way of drunkenness, bravado, lack of vision, lack of foresight, excessive standardization, unruly behavior” ».

The words of Antonio Cerasa CNR researcher in cognition psychology and professor at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro should be explained with a map, but they are confirmed in the comments on the web.

The theme is the presence of weapons in the United States and is back in the spotlight after the Valentine’s Day shooting at a Florida school: 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The governor. On the one hand there has been a movement of opposition to the proliferation of weapons that seems different from that of the past because it comes from the young and from the streets and not just from intellectuals and newspapers. On the other hand there is the presidential answer to give a bonus to professors who decide to train to respond with weapons to such cases in line with the National Rifle Association, the arms lobby that speaks of politicizing the tragedy made against them .

The same can be seen in the comments on the web. The American association of teachers says no to arms, but some members say that weapons are necessary for defense according to the principle of NRA that only a good armed can stop a bad armed.

The pro-weapons front is however less compact than before. Some big companies are eliminating the partnership with NRA, the Hertz car rental company has just done so. The governor of Florida, the Republican Rick Scott proposes to raise the age from which it is possible to buy weapons, even semi-automatic, from 18 to 21 years. A measure that has always been opposed by the National Rifle Association.

Scott is opposed to the idea of ​​arming teachers and also proposes the presence of at least one armed police officer for every 1,000 students. Not that an armed guard has served at the school of the Valentine’s Day massacre. According to reports from the local sheriff has not opened fire and even tried to intervene in the six minutes of the massacre.

“There are weapons, there have always been and will be difficult to be removed – says Arnaldo Testi, professor of modern and contemporary history, University of Pisa. In recent years it has been increasingly difficult to prevent those who have to carry around. After every massacre there is an indignant wave of public opinion that then subsides ».

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