Ryanair summer 2018: low cost flights from Rome and Milan

flights lost with Ryanair for summer 2018. The leading Irish airline in Europe for cheap flights for several months offers the possibility to book flights for next summer. And there are many beaches that are waiting for you (here the best for summer 2018) Booking in advance means saving a lot of money. But there’s more: with the offers launched during this period by Ryanair, buying your holiday flight 2018 now means making a real deal.

Ryanair has in fact made available thousands of tickets with prices starting from 7.99 euros. Some destinations are more expensive than others because they are definitely more attractive in the summer, but if you play in advance you can still take advantage of really advantageous prices. For example, going to Timisoara in Romania in August costs much less than going to Tenerife.

In addition, the big news for Ryanair’s summer 2018 is the increase in routes and connections. More destinations are added to the Ryanair network (last Israel and Jordan), more connecting flights and new routes from Milan and Rome.

Low cost flights for summer 2018 start from Milan Bergamo, Milan Malpensa, Bologna and Rome for many destinations in Europe and beyond. Prices start at 7.99 from Milan to Timosoara, Budapest and Warsaw at 12.99 euros, Bristol and the beautiful island of Kefalonia, the transgressive Ibiza, London and Paris at 14.99. At 16.99 Corfu, Oslo and Santander. Alghero, Bari, Catania, Cagliari, Palermo at 18.70. Malaga Copenhagen, Malta, Palma de Mallorca, Prague, Tangier, Valencia and Seville from 19.99. Rhodes at 21.99, Crete, Pfasos and Dublin at 24.99. Gran Canaria, Marrakech at 28.99. The most expensive are Tenerife at 29 euros and Fuerteventura at 45.89

For the next Easter prices get up, but if you have the chance to travel on the following weekend prices drop a lot. If you can then move outside the weekend the cost of the ticket becomes derisory. For example, starting a Tuesday in March for Barcelona means spending just 14.99 euros against 33 euros or 48 euros on a Saturday.
But if you scroll forward the calendar arrives to the summer where you could have beautiful surprises. In fact, the long advance will lead you to save a lot.

Going to Barcelona from Orio al Serio on August 14 costs just 30 euros. Are you afraid for the return? On August 21st, the return of Barcelona El Prat-Milan costs 38 euros! With 68 euros go and return from Barcelona in very high season. From Rome to Corfu, on July 4, just 40 euros, return a week later 52 euros. With less than 100 euros go and return for a beautiful Greek island. Also from Rome Ciampino reach Palma di Maiorca at the beginning of August is around 80 euros, in early September just 28 euros!

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