Ibiza, one of the best destinations in Europe to do ‘tourism with a drone’

The world of travel does not stop evolving and a new fashion has emerged: traveling with a drone on its back. But there are many legal limitations

Ibiza is known worldwide as a tourist destination for relaxation, partying, sailing, nature … but now it has also leaked into the ranking of the most interesting European citizens to do “tourism with a drone”.

More and more people are made with an ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’ (UAV) that use it to immortalize their trips or search for destinations that are eye-catching to be recorded from the air.

Before the increase of tourists who want to do tourism in this way, companies that are dedicated to the sale of drones or accessories have begun to develop lists with the most attractive places to visit with a UAV.

The list with the most interesting European citizens to visit with a drone. Photo: The Case Frame
A British drone company, The Case Frame, has organized a ‘European tour to travel with drone’ in which places, in sixth position, Ibiza.

On the island, it is advisable to visit two very specific areas to be recorded or photographed with a drone: it is Portixol, “one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza”, and the port of Vila.

Yes, warns those interested that in Spain to fly a drone “it is necessary to have a license and be over 18 years”, so they advise to organize this process before starting the trip. What they do not notice is that it is absolutely forbidden to fly over some areas, such as an airport, something that they do explain in other destinations, such as Italy.

What’s more, the Local Police of Sant Josep informs this newspaper that it is “the only one in the Balearic Islands and one of the few in Spain to fly legally as an entity that operates with drones,” and warns that “people who do fly a drone without taking into account the current legislation, December 2017, can face very high fines. ”

Drones are relatively new, and in many cases the legislation and regulations are ambiguous. But little by little it is a segment that is regulated.

When traveling with a drone the first thing you need to know is that you have to be careful with the transport of LiPo batteries, which explode and catch fire quite easily (therefore you do not have to leave a drone in the trunk of a car in full Sun).

By air, traveling with a VANT is a bit complicated, since these batteries are considered dangerous goods by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) and their transport must comply with a series of safety requirements. The batteries can not go in the luggage that is invoiced and goes in the hold. They must go in hand luggage, unloaded below 30% capacity and in a limited number. Depending on the airline they fly between 2 and 3 batteries.

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