Evie Richards the pink talent of the mtb signs with the Trek Factory Racing XC Team

The young subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which runs only from 2014, will turn 21 on March 11th. In December she managed to win a cyclo-cross CDM test by beating all the elites. In 2017 it came second in both CDM and the world. In an interview with the UCI website he revealed many curious details of his life.

If 45 days after the age of 21, a cyclist is interviewed on the UCI website means that he is considered a great talent in the two-wheel world. On Wednesday, 24 January, the British under-23 Evie Richards took place, a name well known by insiders, less by the general public.

Not everyone knows, but on December 17, 2017, Evie Richards made a feat, presented herself in Namur in Wallonia to take part only in that stage of the Cyclocross World Cup, competing at the age of 20 with the stars of the international cyclocross. Starting from the belly of the group, he surpassed all the other girls and in the end, in general disbelief managed to win the victory.

It was no coincidence that Namur’s route was reminiscent of a mountain bike race, in fact in the cross country Evie Richards is one of the most promising young girls who emerged in recent years and it is no coincidence that Trek Factory Racing XC Team has hired her. Last year, running with Trek bike but brought to the World Cup by the British national team, he finished the season in third place. The result to remember was certainly the success of Albstadt but in all the other four tests in which he took part, Evie has always gone “full gas”. She has always been on the podium, some times second, others third.

This year, as the winner of the XCO Under 23 World Cup, the American Kate Courtney will pass among the elite, the favorites should be just Evie Richards and Swiss Sina Frei who are peers.

The long interview published by the UCI website reveals many details of Evie’s life. It is from Malvern, in Worchestershire, a hilly area, therefore ideal terrain for mountain biking. First he devoted himself to hockey and then started to combine it with cycling to improve his athletic condition, at the end he fell in love with the bike. He made his first race in 2014, the year after he broke his collarbone but at the world championship in Andorra won by Martina Berta, won the silver. Not bad for someone who had only been riding for two years. In the cross cycle he won the 2016 world championship at Zolder, while last year he had to settle for the bronze medal.

Richards is very close to her family, with dad and mom who follow her everywhere. His father said he was his “taxi driver” (the door to the races) and always washed the bike. With them he also spent his last vacation in Corfu in Greece, just in the period when there were the Europeans in Boario. He claims he does not particularly love the smartphone, but we believe little because we find it almost on Instagram Stories.

Maybe she’s right, she uses it little but uses it with her head, when needed, unlike other riders who are always attached to the phone, but they do not know how to use it when needed for marketing the team that has hired them.

She was immediately included in the British Cycling Olympic Senior Academy, which until last year brought her around the races and who in these days was sent to retire in the Balearic Islands (Mallorca). The British have immediately understood that it has great qualities, so they have included it in their national program of valorisation of young talents. A similar program would also serve us Italians.

His goals are ambitious, winning the cyclocross world championship in Valkenburg in two weeks, the Commonwealth Games in April and the XCO World Championship in Lenzerheide. He has not talked about the UCI MTB World Cup but we are sure that the Trek Factory Racing XC team has also hired her to win this competition. The advice of Emily Batty will surely be valuable.

Evie concluded her interview by saying that she now only takes part in cyclo-cross races and mountain biking but also plans to try out running on the road and doing the entire Cyclocross World Cup, including the Las Vegas race.

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