Bullfight without blood, the turn of the Balearics

The archipelago parliament outlaws the death of the bull. The controversy: “This is how tradition is lost”

Yes to the bullfight, but without the bull dying. Without banderillas, or swords, in short, without blood. One wonders, what bullshit is it? It is the one that became mandatory in the Balearic Islands. The regional government, formed by a coalition of leftist parties and environmentalists, had the intention to prohibit the show, as already decided by Catalonia, but a ruling by the Spanish constitutional court decreed “cultural interest”, effectively preventing abolition and removing competence from the autonomous communities.

Thus, the Majorcan parliament has run for cover, putting very narrow limits. Anti-doping controls will be carried out on animals and bullfighters. From now on, for each bull that died in the arena, the fine will be 100,000 euros. According to some, however, this law also goes against the dictates of the constitutional court of Madrid and it will be enough to make it null and void.

The sector complains, citing not only the classic references to tradition, but also economic arguments: “The turnover of the taurine industry is 1.6 billion euros a year, 0.16% of the national GDP”. The abolitionists of the Balearic archipelago answer that in the islands now the shows with the bulls were rare and little frequented, so that the new law will have no impact from an economic point of view. “With these rules do not call it more bullfighting, what does it have to do with tradition?”, The replica of taurini.

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