Holidays in Menorca: what to see, what to do and when to go

The Balearic archipelago is a fantastic opportunity to be able to devote yourself to the wildest entertainment in the world: if you are going to give you crazy joy, islands like Mallorca and Ibiza represent the top! And yet, the Balearic Islands are not just these two: there are alternatives like Menorca that, often, are not considered as they deserve.

For a holiday that knows how to draw heavily from all the advantages of other islands, adding others, the answer to the question is only one: Menorca! For what reason? Because we are simply talking about a place left in peace by mass tourism, but embellished with incredible beaches (the most beautiful in the Balearics). What to see, what to do and when to go to Menorca, then?

Menorca has been renamed “L’isola della calma”, and this label is certainly not the result of chance! In this place, in fact, the silence and the quiet are the masters: it is impossible to remain “bottled” in the typical tourist crowd of Ibiza and, despite its small size, however, there are opportunities for fun. What are its main features?

Meanwhile, the calm that reigns absolute on its magnificent coasts, but also the beauty of its landscapes, distinguished by a purely lagoon aspect. Then, being very small, just a single trip to discover every hidden corner: especially because of the proximity of the various coves, ideal for trekking enthusiasts. Finally, in Menorca there are not even pubs, clubs, parties and clearly discos: some even dug into the rock!

The climate of Menorca, just like the Canaries, is typically Mediterranean in nature: this means that the summer is particularly hot and sultry, as well as enormously crowded by tourists. That’s why the advice is to organize a holiday at this Balearic island in spring: the best time to enjoy its beauties without stress!

Moreover, it is in this season that there are many offers for accommodation, as opposed to months like July and August: for example, the Barcelò chain offers several opportunities to stay at its hotels in Menorca in the spring. So you can enjoy its sun, its sea and its pristine nature spending less!

First of all the beaches, certainly at the center of your sights: here you will have the opportunity to attend unmissable coastlines like San Bou and Cala Mesquida, together with the famous Cala Blanca! Going beyond the beaches, however, you could visit the Albufera des Grau nature park, made fascinating by its small islands that animate this wonderful lagoon.

Then, you should not for anything in the world give up a visit to Monte Toro: a sanctuary that will capture you even if you are not religious, given the incredible panorama of the whole of Menorca! If you want to get into the heart of the Minorcan traditions, here is the Plaza Explanada handicraft market, along with the mystical archaeological site of Naveta des Tudons. Do not miss the Park Aquarok and the Cammini dei Cavalli, to ride on a quadruped, on foot or by bike!

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