The no of historians and sociologists to arms for teachers

In the US the debate is open and the front in favor of the arms lobby is not as compact as it once was, even if President Trump still supports the NRA

“From the educator to the sociologist everyone will say that it is a wrong answer to arm professors in front of a massacre, but it could be a right answer for that slice of the American population that Trump represents and that John Ghunter already in the Forties, in the book Inside Usa , defined characterized by “greed, ignorance, absence of aesthetic values, enrichment by way of drunkenness, bravado, lack of vision, lack of foresight, excessive standardization, unruly behavior” ».

The words of Antonio Cerasa CNR researcher in cognition psychology and professor at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro should be explained with a map, but they are confirmed in the comments on the web.

The theme is the presence of weapons in the United States and is back in the spotlight after the Valentine’s Day shooting at a Florida school: 17 dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The governor. On the one hand there has been a movement of opposition to the proliferation of weapons that seems different from that of the past because it comes from the young and from the streets and not just from intellectuals and newspapers. On the other hand there is the presidential answer to give a bonus to professors who decide to train to respond with weapons to such cases in line with the National Rifle Association, the arms lobby that speaks of politicizing the tragedy made against them .

The same can be seen in the comments on the web. The American association of teachers says no to arms, but some members say that weapons are necessary for defense according to the principle of NRA that only a good armed can stop a bad armed.

The pro-weapons front is however less compact than before. Some big companies are eliminating the partnership with NRA, the Hertz car rental company has just done so. The governor of Florida, the Republican Rick Scott proposes to raise the age from which it is possible to buy weapons, even semi-automatic, from 18 to 21 years. A measure that has always been opposed by the National Rifle Association.

Scott is opposed to the idea of ​​arming teachers and also proposes the presence of at least one armed police officer for every 1,000 students. Not that an armed guard has served at the school of the Valentine’s Day massacre. According to reports from the local sheriff has not opened fire and even tried to intervene in the six minutes of the massacre.

“There are weapons, there have always been and will be difficult to be removed – says Arnaldo Testi, professor of modern and contemporary history, University of Pisa. In recent years it has been increasingly difficult to prevent those who have to carry around. After every massacre there is an indignant wave of public opinion that then subsides ».

The “flight” of Britney Spears, formidable on Instagram! Half a million “social” photo-social

A super Britney Spears: fly on Instagram. In the true sense of the term. McComb’s pop star was shown to his millions of followers by making an athletic gesture of not easy realization. The one that canzzinally can be called a flying split. An exercise that, not surprisingly, presupposes a constancy in training worthy of a professional athlete. And indeed Britney Spears showed the image in question with a certain pride.

A picture of Britney Spears from half a million “like”. Not for an outfit worn on the stage of a concert or for a particularly elegant dress. The Britney Spears of these years likes to show herself to her fans in great shape, exhibiting an athleticism and a tonicity that even in the early days of gold she had never obtained. “Orandum est ut sit healthy mens in healthy body”. The Latin phrase could not be better adapted to the Britney Spears of the contemporary era.

Fantasy, discipline and good music. The Britney Spears of the last few years has tenaciously reappropriated her place in the first band, in the proscenium of international music. Besides the photo in which Britney Spears “flies”, in the last days the pop star of McComb has also loaded a nice movie. In the same, the US singer launches in a series of twists. Britney Spears is proving, (photo-social) after photo-social, to be a very effective Web Influncer. Not just images from concerts or small clusters of everyday life. For example, on Instagram Britney Spears makes videos specially made for followers, and more generally for fans who follow her on the official social networks of reference. Conscia, like other colleagues, like Instagram represents a mass media in all respects, with the potential for exponential visibility. On Instagram, at present, Britney Spears can expose the share of over eighteen million followers that follow her (photo updates). Numbers constantly growing.

After years of interlocutors, Britney Spears is regaining overpowering positions in the international ranking of pop stars. At the age of 36, the music-star of McComb has returned to the quality levels of the early career. It is no coincidence that the happy moment, from a professional point of view, also coincides with a newfound serenity in private life. And the (photo shoots on Instagram) document all this.

Britney Spears 2018, a year that is still announced in the sign of music. In particular this summer, Britney Spears will be engaged in a decidedly impagnatory concert tour. A schedule of tight stops, especially in August when the singer from Mississippi will be on stage in Europe. At the moment there are no concert dates in Italy by Britney Spears.

Britney Spears today: a different singer. Above all, Britney Spears proves to be able to ride the long wave of social networks, in particular Instagram: an essential communication scheme that of the American pop star that is appreciated for its effectiveness. (Images), music and look are the ingredients of Britney Spears’ “social recipe”, able to retain the loyalty of multiple generations of audiences.
Britney Spears 2018: social and songs. Just his activity as (Web Influencer) is the mirror of his modernity. The native singer of McComb is quite active on different social platforms, fully aware of the opportunities offered by new media in the contemporary era. The pop star USA, despite some years of personal difficulties, has been able to consolidate its popularity and affection of the general public. Now that her private life turns serene, Britney Spears has actually opened a new cycle of her artistic career. Less (gossip) of a time, now the American music star is no longer the center of rumors and rumors as in his early career.
Britney Spears and photos on Instagram. In particular, the social profiles of Britney Spears highlight an aspect that goes beyond music and songs. The (new media) highlights the side activities of the American pop star, and mainly as the original singer from the county of “Pike” is having a notable success for what concerns her line of (fragrances). The perfumes designed and signed by Britney Spears have in fact reached about twenty editions. Unlike the early years of career, the pop star originally from Mississippi, currently pays more attention to sectors parallel to his musical activity.

Ryanair summer 2018: low cost flights from Rome and Milan

flights lost with Ryanair for summer 2018. The leading Irish airline in Europe for cheap flights for several months offers the possibility to book flights for next summer. And there are many beaches that are waiting for you (here the best for summer 2018) Booking in advance means saving a lot of money. But there’s more: with the offers launched during this period by Ryanair, buying your holiday flight 2018 now means making a real deal.

Ryanair has in fact made available thousands of tickets with prices starting from 7.99 euros. Some destinations are more expensive than others because they are definitely more attractive in the summer, but if you play in advance you can still take advantage of really advantageous prices. For example, going to Timisoara in Romania in August costs much less than going to Tenerife.

In addition, the big news for Ryanair’s summer 2018 is the increase in routes and connections. More destinations are added to the Ryanair network (last Israel and Jordan), more connecting flights and new routes from Milan and Rome.

Low cost flights for summer 2018 start from Milan Bergamo, Milan Malpensa, Bologna and Rome for many destinations in Europe and beyond. Prices start at 7.99 from Milan to Timosoara, Budapest and Warsaw at 12.99 euros, Bristol and the beautiful island of Kefalonia, the transgressive Ibiza, London and Paris at 14.99. At 16.99 Corfu, Oslo and Santander. Alghero, Bari, Catania, Cagliari, Palermo at 18.70. Malaga Copenhagen, Malta, Palma de Mallorca, Prague, Tangier, Valencia and Seville from 19.99. Rhodes at 21.99, Crete, Pfasos and Dublin at 24.99. Gran Canaria, Marrakech at 28.99. The most expensive are Tenerife at 29 euros and Fuerteventura at 45.89

For the next Easter prices get up, but if you have the chance to travel on the following weekend prices drop a lot. If you can then move outside the weekend the cost of the ticket becomes derisory. For example, starting a Tuesday in March for Barcelona means spending just 14.99 euros against 33 euros or 48 euros on a Saturday.
But if you scroll forward the calendar arrives to the summer where you could have beautiful surprises. In fact, the long advance will lead you to save a lot.

Going to Barcelona from Orio al Serio on August 14 costs just 30 euros. Are you afraid for the return? On August 21st, the return of Barcelona El Prat-Milan costs 38 euros! With 68 euros go and return from Barcelona in very high season. From Rome to Corfu, on July 4, just 40 euros, return a week later 52 euros. With less than 100 euros go and return for a beautiful Greek island. Also from Rome Ciampino reach Palma di Maiorca at the beginning of August is around 80 euros, in early September just 28 euros!

Ibiza in Spa, the magic of the winter sea

In order to feel good with others first of all you have to feel good about yourself. Coping with everyday life with the right charge and energy is not always a simple reason why, one-off, you need to recharge your batteries. As? Everyone has his method. What about a trip to Ibiza? Far from the summer chaos, the pearl of the Balearics is able to give magical moments of pure relaxation. To prove it is the Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa, located in Playa d’en Bossa, which is the most famous tourist area of ​​the island, the ideal place to spend a pleasant holiday. The important thing is to forget, completely, the existence of the clock.

Inside the Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort & Spa is the Zentropia Palladium Spa & Wellness, a state-of-the-art place where technology and design assure guests with an unforgettable experience. Here you are really spoiled for choice: you can relax and escape the daily routine by experimenting with treatments that take advantage of the precious properties of essential oils made according to the principles of ayurveda practice such as Neem oil, Triphala, Centella asiatica and lotus flowers, they go to stimulate all five senses. For example, try the Zentropia massage which includes a combination of six different massage techniques. It starts with a relaxing treatment followed by a deeper one that affects the tissues of the areas where the accumulation of stress is greater. It continues with aromatherapy, shiatsu, stretching and ends with a massage to the head and face. The holistic massage that helps body and mind relax. Thanks to the beneficial properties of essential oils, it is possible to reduce stress, relieve muscle stiffness and stimulate circulation.

The sea is good, especially in winter. It is therapeutic. If in summer you have to protect yourself from sun damage, when the rays are less threatening the remise en forme is assured. Just close your eyes, breathe deeply the healthy air and, once freed the mind, you let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves while walking, barefoot, on the sand ready to get full of well-being.

Who has never heard of Ibiza? Its fame precedes it. We speak of an island that provides vacationers with fun and lots of lightheartedness. But not only. If in summer it is chaotic, out of season it changes face and, stripping itself of that put on transgressive and partying, it becomes a therapeutic destination. The sea in winter does not have to intimidate, on the contrary, it has its own reason. Do not forget that the Isla Blanca, thanks to its cultural wealth and biodiversity, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. What see? The offer is rich: there is the cathedral dedicated to Our Lady of the Snow and still the castle, the Phoenician site of Sa Caleta, the necropolis of Puig des Molins and, of course, the historical center of the capital Eivissa. Boredom here is not contemplated, ever.

Cara Delevingne and Rihanna, girlfriends on the red carpet

The blonde and the brunette share the red carpet (by Valerian) not only by colleagues: «We’ve known each other for 6 years, we have a good relationship. Riri is a very sweet girl. ” The photos of a (beautiful) friendship

The blonde and the brunette. Former model and singer. One originally from Barbados, the other British to the bone. In Hollywood, a new pair of inseparables was born: Rihanna, 29, and Cara Delevingne, 24. The two are going around the world side by side, red carpet after Valerian’s red carpet and The City of a Thousand Planets, the film that sees them both protagonists. And that shows how the friendship between two (beautiful) women is possible.

“We’ve known each other for 5-6 years and we’re good friends,” Cara told her on the red carpet in a dress already worn by Bella Hadid. “The first time we met was on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk: I was one of the models and she performed during the fashion shows.

And here we are five years later: both in a Luc Besson movie. It’s a beautiful thing to share with a friend ».

After all, already in 2013 the former model had told that between her and Riri was born an excellent bond: “It takes care of me when I go to Los Angeles: it’s the best. She is a very sweet girl with her feet on the ground. She does not have many friends, but we have many things in common. I do not think many girls understand it. ”

And the two also talk about love. Rihanna a few weeks ago was paparazzi alongside a new man: Hassan Jameel, Arab businessman not unknown to the Hollywood jet set. The kisses of the two – in an Ibiza pool – have been around the world. Then, nothing more. Cara, at the moment, would be single. The long story with singer St. Vincent – according to insiders – ended in autumn 2016. I wonder if Riri told a new flirt. We’ll see.