How to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your own sweet half if not with a trip?

How to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the feast of love, with your own sweet half if not with a trip?

A perfect gift for two, to enjoy a pleasant break, devoting oneself to your favorite activities and enjoying a very special party. Total relaxation, walks in the mountains, a candlelit dinner, a journey to discover pleasantly unusual cities or a romantic sunset over the sea. Simply choose and book.

France hosts the splendid capital of love par excellence: Paris. A long weekend full of pure romance, with walks in hand along the Champs Elysees or a moonlit kiss on the glittering Eiffel Tower.

Where to stay – This small duplex studio is located in central Paris and offers the opportunity to spend a lovely weekend for two.

Those who prefer a more sporty couple holiday, the Dolomites are the perfect solution: they offer breathtaking views, but also the opportunity to practice winter sports (given the season), such as skiing and snowboarding.

To combine the love of taste, Sicily is certainly the ideal place, as it holds one of the best known and appreciated gastronomic traditions in the world and is also famous for its crystal clear waters, which also offer the feeling of being in a paradise in winter .

Palermo, a city rich in culture and delicious gastronomic specialties,
If you want to visit a city of art and culture, Bruges, just a few minutes by train from Brussels, is the perfect destination: it is impossible to remain indifferent to the charm of its medieval old town, declared Unesco World Heritage.

For lovers of the sea and relaxation, Valentine’s Day can also represent the perfect opportunity to simply enjoy the company of the sweet half, heading to the Canary Islands, in Spain, with a warm climate all year to escape both from the bitter cold and from the frenzy of everyday life.

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