Holidays in Menorca: 10 basic questions & 10 essential answers

I have been living and working in Menorca for some time now and for some years now I have created and managed, with the precious help of other Italian friends living on the island, the Facebook group Discovering the island in my pocket. The purpose of the group is to give information to those planning a holiday on the island or to those planning a future transfer here.

Managing the group is definitely fun and rewarding but at the same time very challenging (members are more than 6,000). For this reason I thought to bring back here the most frequently asked questions, and their answers. I hope it can be useful.

In the summer there are only many cities that directly connect Italy to Menorca (direct flights Menorca 2018). The flight lasts 1 hour and 15 approximately. Winter is more complicated. You have to take a flight to Barcelona or Madrid and from there the flight to Menorca. The alternative to the plane is the ferry for those who may want to come by car. Here you will find the connections from Spain to Menorca by ferry (there are no companies from Italy that lead directly to the island).

Despite being a motorcycle lover, my advice is: hire a car in Menorca. You do not need a big car, just a 500 or a Panda, they are more than enough. Why the car and not the bike / scooter? First of all because in Menorca (except for short distances) there are no coastal roads. There is a main road that crosses the island in two and connects Mahon with Ciutadella and is about 50 km long. It is a two-lane road and not illuminated in the evening. In the summer months it is busy and you will have to travel to go almost anywhere (beaches, archaeological sites, towns, etc). Then there is the wind factor. Here it blows often and when there is the north wind it is very strong. In motion it disturbs. The evening also refreshes, and you could find yourself, in case you took the scooter, to return in the evening with “double sweater” temperatures. Having said that, many people hire it anyway, and they say they are very good that it is the ideal means of not being bottled (in August) in the parking lots of the busiest beaches.

Menorca is very suitable for those who feel comfortable in nature, in silence, doing sports and in close contact with the sea. Families, couples and adults who love outdoor life, active and healthy. Less suitable for those who like to be late in the evening, ostentatious luxury, disco life. Finally it is not very suitable for those who have dogs because there are very few beaches that allow access in the summer with 4-legged friends. (beaches for dogs in Menorca)

Very difficult question (and unfortunately very frequent). It depends on many factors. Do you like equipped or virgin beaches? Of white or red sand? Do you want to take a long walk to reach it? Do you have any children? For this reason I refer you to the pages of the most authoritative guide on Menorca in Italian and its section Beaches of Menorca.

So, if you ask us to have more or less an idea of ​​what temperature you will find in a certain period very well. There are climate tables and we will be happy to pass them. But if you write to us (and it happened) in June asking if during the second week of September it will rain or there will be the sun, well … here things get complicated. Perhaps the shamans of South America, but we still do not. Unfortunately.

Here too it depends on your preferences. Also on Menorca Island you will find a series of reviews of the many restaurants that are located in Menorca. In addition to a series of tips on the best restaurants in Menorca where to eat, fish, meat or paella.

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