Easy holidays with scooter rentals in Formentera: beaches, sun and markets

Scooter holidays in Formentera

The Balearic Islands are now an affordable destination for everyone and one of the first choices when it comes to summer holidays, and given their beauty and lifestyle, also one of the favorite destinations when young and old are thinking about packing to move indefinitely. Before taking such a big step, it is always better to get to know the destination, and the scooter hire in Formentera could be an intelligent and practical way to visit the island undisturbed and get to know every corner of it.

Formentera, also called the Spanish Caribbean thanks to its beaches with turquoise waters and golden sand, is a small island south of Ibiza with kilometers of coastline but also with thousands of tourists from every part of the world that every day they pour on its pristine beaches .

Forget the beaches of Illetes or Els Alrenals, spectacular, yes, but crowded. Hire a Cooltra scooter and head straight south. Here you will find the beach of Cala Sahona, with blue sea that contrasts with the red of the rocks giving one of the most breathtaking landscape views ever seen, and then push further south to the privacy and tranquility of Migjorn, one of the most beautiful beaches less frequented than Formentera.

In addition to reaching the most hidden beaches with the scooter rental, Formentera will also give you different moments that will make you taste the true life of the island as only the locals can do, and this is our purpose, no?

There are many alternative activities to get to know the island, so much so that you will probably not have enough time to visit this place.

Get around one of the 3 lighthouses of Formentera, the one of La Savina is the oldest, and then remounted in the saddle towards one of the salt pans, once a source of livelihood of the inhabitants of the island, which now give pink horizons more than anything else. And if nature is not enough, immerse yourself in one of the characteristic markets for local shopping and to look among the inhabitants present, one that still proudly bears the remains of the hippie period of Formentera. Because time sometimes stops in certain places.

How to get to Formentera? The island does not have its own airport, so to get there it is mandatory to book a ferry from Ibiza, or from Barcelona. If you are a traveler and not a tourist, you will be able to juggle the thousands of offers of the different ferry companies for Formentera, and for convenience there are also offers that allow you to book at the same time a scooter and ferry with Cooltra.

Being a small island, fast and practical to visit by scooter and close to the busiest Ibiza, the advice is to stay one or two days at most, the right time to relax and enjoy a moment of air between a disco and a drink in Ibiza. And if you then have no desire to return to civilization, no one will be able to blame you unjustly, and if it does, it means that it has not yet happened in this earthly paradise.

From responsible travelers, the advice is to whiz with your comfortable two wheels yes, but to do it with responsibility and respect towards the uncontaminated environment and the inhabitants who might feel invaded by a tourism that is sometimes unwittingly selfish and rowdy. On the other hand, in a few years you may be on the other side, having decided to drop everything and move here. Because what is certain is that this island will remain in your heart and thoughts, as well as on the screens of your cell phone.

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