10 wonderful 2018 travel destinations (and little frequented WOW)

From Japan to Colombia via Oregon, Romania and Poland: WE START PLEASE.

What super places will we see in 2018? Where will we invest the budget of life among the top 2018 travel destinations? Cities far from (re) to discover? Nature and nature-nature? Zen refuges or hyper-wild forests? Traveling alone is the new great classic? Or with your partner + family? Well ALL the answers are in the new destinations of 2018: places that have a lot to tell us (and many clichés to break down). According to a study commissioned by Booking.com, 41% of those interviewed dream of cultural travel, 50% want to simply change the air, while 60% want to try new experiences. The result? The travel searches for summer 2018 have already started and these are the 10 destinations, beautiful but still little known, to be visited in the coming months according to Booking. We would go … and you ?!

Sapporo (Japan). The ideal place to enjoy the Japanese dynamism, admire the mountains and the hot springs of Hokkaido (below look and meditate more photos at the opening) and enjoy excellent fish dishes so fresh that ever in life.

Nashville (United States). No, the Ammmmerica is not just New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The state capital of Tennessee has a lot to offer, especially for its cultural heritage dedicated to the country. Nashville is also an ideal city for singles looking for sacred musical fire for family holidays on the road.

Bucharest (Romania). Eastern countries are becoming increasingly coveted as tourist destinations, but they are (still) inexpensive. This is the case of the Romanian capital, a city rich in modern art and Art Nouveau style. In summer, rent a boat at Cişmigiu Park for a relaxing afternoon in the sun, while in winter relax in some old cafes in the center.

Zakopane (Poland). The not too distant Warsaw is wonderful, but even this mountain town is unmissable. In summer it is perfect for hiking in the Tatras National Park, while in winter it offers undervalued ski slopes abroad, which are highly appreciated (try to believe) from the locals. New Year 2018?

Taitung (Taiwan). Oh yes, among the travel destinations 2018 this is a gem: it is a small coastal town where you can find peace of mind. Its discreet charm, its cultural diversity, its thermal springs, its nautical activities, its temples and its mountains will take you into a unique and super zen world.

Brisbane (Australia). Byron Bay yes, Sydney yes, Melbourne yes, but do not miss this pearl on the sea. Go to Ocean Beach if you love surfing, Sylvan Beach for sunbathing and Red Beach to see dolphins. Australia, in general, gets on the podium of place to be 2018 …

Bogotà (Colombia). Among the destinations of South America, this will be the most rising in 2018! In recent years, the city has witnessed the birth of new trendy restaurants and boutique hotels within the walls of ancient houses that date back over 300 years. Do not miss the museums and the street art works. Adios Amigos.

Portland (United States). Forget the cult of the hipster: Portland evolves, and quickly. Only true constant? Green obsession and quality of life. Lifestyler, lovers of eco and independent brands, tasters of the best coffees in the world but also 2018 for nature lovers who love the Forest Park and the International Rose Test Garden that gave the city the nickname of “city of roses”.

Lima (Peru). In South America, after Colombia there is Peru, suitable for those who love strong emotions: paragliding, surfing, unforgettable evenings … Lima also offers a cuisine that runs for Michelin stars (and wins them: obligatory stop eating at the Central) a rich history told (also) by its archaeological museums set in bougainville gardens.

Hannover (Germany). If you have seen Berlin over and over again, it is time to get to know the capital of Lower Saxony, which is increasingly loved for its museums, cultural sites and green spaces such as the Herrenhausen gardens, the Maschsee lake and the Eilenriede. great urban forest of Europe.

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