How many islands are there in Greece?

How many islands are there in Greece?

Santorini, Oia at sunset.
What we propose to you is a geographic question with a complex and articulate answer, because the various sources in this regard are divided into the total number as to the meaning of the word “island”.

And so the number of Greek islands varies, depending on the sources, from 1200 to 9835 units reported on the page of the Greek Government (6000 for the Tourist Board) taking into account a classification that includes in the total number islets and masses outcrop a little more great of a rock. A totally believable number if we think of the morphology of the country, whose 16,000 kilometers of coastline are almost half grown on islands.

For the National Geographic Society the islands are over 1400, poché they are considered such those with a surface above an acre (half hectare or 4046 square meters).
Even on the number of those permanently or seasonally inhabited there is no single data. According to official sources, between 220 and 227 are those with permanent residents.

Most of the islands are located in the Aegean Sea and are divided into seven main groups or archipelagos and two major islands: to the south is Crete, the largest, while opposite the coast of mainland Greece there is another large island, Euboea, connected by a bridge to the mainland. The rest of the islands is divided between the Cyclades archipelago, the Dodecanese archipelago, the eastern Aegean islands and the northern Aegean islands, the Sporades archipelago. Between the Peloponnese and Attica there are the Saronic islands and, finally, to the west, towards Italy, there are the Ionian islands.

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