Holidays in the Maldives, in Sardinia and in Greece.

Where the sea is bluer
Mantas, sharks, dolphins, but also vases, statues, amphorae. At the bottom of the sea or near the shore, here is how to immerse yourself in silence or in the past.

The exclusive resort Moofushi Constance, on the Ari Atoll, Maldives. Offers yoga classes and meditation classes.

It is called Ari atoll and so far it tells us little … In fact it is a perfect oval formed by 89 islands that stretches for 80 kilometers. One of the wonders of the world to dive and explore the spectacular backdrops of the Maldives. In particular it is the South Ari district to boast the record: 20 points of diving on the route of manta rays, whale sharks, dolphins.

The Constance Halaveli resort on Ari Atoll, Maldives. The Padi diving certification courses are also among the plus points of the resort.

The islands can be reached by speedboat from the airport, but it is better to use the seaplane to “read” from above the natural map of coral reefs, lagoons, sandbanks. Here is Constance Moofushi, a Green Globe certified eco-resort for environmental sustainability. An interesting choice for its underwater world, but also to transform the holiday into a remise en forme. Through sports and body care.

The Constance Halaveli resort massage spa on Ari Atoll, Maldives.

There is a spa that uses a bio cosmetic line, the possibility of being followed by a fitness coach. To sail in catamaran, to practice canoeing and windsurfing. And yoga. Maybe on the sea, while the dolphins chase after water.

The beach of the Valtur Parco Torre Chia resort in Sardinia. It is set in a natural park and at the top of the hill stands a seventeenth-century Spanish tower

Another sea, new Paradise. The most rewarding corner of Sardinia is in Chia, 40 minutes from Cagliari. Truly an oasis of wild sea sheltered from the mistral where a seventeenth century Spanish tower separates two worlds. Rocks to the northeast; azure waters, white or amber sand to the southwest. With the wonders of Su Giudeu, more than a kilometer of beach crowned by dunes and the lagoon of pink flamingos. The sandbar of the Isle Manna.

The ancient turquoise sea, pines and junipers of Cala Cipolla; from here a path leads to the Capo Spartivento lighthouse. And the perfect cove, despite the name: beach of the dead. In this part of Sardinia far from worldliness and noble beaches, there is also Is Cannoneris, a forest of oaks where the repopulation of fallow deer and deer has been successful. A nice place to take the kids. As it is to make them live the experience of a horseback ride between sea and scrubland ( Dolphins on the horizon: you can see them from Parco Torre Chia, a resort in a natural park on the crescent beach that is rocked by the ancient Spanish tower.

For many, relaxation is feeling free. To turn, go from lazy breaks in the sun to discoveries of art and nature. In the boat, on the wings of the wind, of that Greek Meltemi that raises splashes of waves on his face. Leaving from Milos, aboard a caique that will take you to discover the pearls of the Cyclades: Santorini, Mykonos and Folegandros. Or on the road, even when you’re at a resort.

But in a place that offers different experiences like Crete, a great island for every expectation. It has canyons and bays, imposing mountains, wild paths. There are mythical beaches like Balos, a pink sand lagoon, one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. Elafonissi marine park, sand peninsula, water lilies and tides. There are cities of Venetian flavor like Rethymno which in summer hosts concerts within the walls of the Venetian castle or inside the old Tis Nerantzes mosque. Like Chania with its lively old port and taverns overlooking the sea. But do not miss a barefoot dinner at Thalasino Ageri, with tables on the sand. And then the pink-stone monasteries of Aghia Triada, and of Gouverneto, at the end of a wild road in the scrubland.

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