Skiing, slalom in Kitzbuehel: Kristoffersen commands, Hirscher chases

The Norwegian applause in the first heat: at 10/100 a super Matt, the Austrian champion third, but at 1 “05! Best blue Gross, sixth to 1” 70

A super Henrik Kristoffersen puts everyone in the first round of the slalom in Kitzbuehel. The Norwegian, under a dense snowfall, has tamed a difficult path with more than one fatal bump (they have also pushed Pinturault and Khoroshilov) and with such difficulty to give speed. And so Kristoffersen sees at least the podium in his pocket. In fact, only an extraordinary Austrian Michael Matt was capable of a performance up to the leader, closing with a delay of just 10/100. Third is the king of the slalom, Marcel Hirscher. But the Austrian champion, back from five consecutive victories in the specialty, accuses a heavy gap: 1 “05! Behind Hirscher at the moment we find the Swiss Daniel Yule to 1” 23 and the Norwegian Leif Kristian Nestvold-Haugen to 1 “69. Stefano Gross (with the bib number 1) is a sixth in 1 “70:” A race difficult to interpret with the bib 1, on tracks so difficult you do not know what speed to keep.A short track Matt and Kristoffersen have good skis, the Rossignol, but they also know how to make them go, their skiing was different from the others “.

other blue – In a heats where the gaps from the first two are very heavy for almost everyone, it should be recorded that of 2 “35 by Manfred Moelgg, who after suffering like all the traps between the bumps of Kitz, currently occupies the seventeenth position: “It did not go wrong, except for a mistake that forced me to drop. The view above was not just below the post, but forward. In Kitzbühel, today’s conditions can still happen. “Tommaso Sala accuses a delay of 3” 21. Behind him Federico Liberatore at 3 “47 and Fabian Bacher at 3” 55. Patrick Thaler never managed to find the way to gain speed and at the end his test was negative: for him a gap of 3 “81. Worse did Riccardo Tonetti, with a delay of 4” 17. Giuliano Razzoli out of the games.

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