What to do on the island of Alonissos, where the beaches kiss the sea

Holidays on the island of Alonissos, in the Sporades: dream beaches, expanses of maritime pines and a marine park that protects the biodiversity of the area.

In the northern Aegean Sea, the Sporades islands are a true natural paradise in the Mediterranean basin. In particular, the Northern Sporades – Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, Aspro (Peristera), Gioura … – have become over time a tourist destination of great charm, perfect for travelers looking for a quieter environment than other Greek islands, where the marine and terrestrial environments are still wild and the beaches are pristine.

It is no exception Alonissos, one of the largest islands in the Northern Sporades archipelago, which offers truly beautiful beaches and enchanting marine landscapes protected within an extensive national park. Turquoise waters, rocky and sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, shrubs of Mediterranean maquis make Alonissos a seaside tourist destination among the most beautiful in this area of ​​the Mediterranean.

The island is extended over an area of ​​over 64 square kilometers; long and narrow, it seems to give shape, together with the nearby Skopelos, which is a few miles away, to a large letter “V”. Alonissos and its beaches can be reached by sea: at the port of Patitiri, on the south-west coast, ships come from Skiathos (an island with an airport), Skopelos, but also from Thessalonica, from Volos.

Alonissos can not be said to be densely inhabited: the larger villages are located in the central and southern part of the island. In addition to Patitiri and its port, there are the old Alonissos, perched on the low peaks of the interior, Votsi and Steni Vala. For the rest, only small groups of houses with landlords where to ask accommodation and small restaurants where you can taste dishes of Greek cuisine: places born and grown around romantic little ports and dream beaches.

For a holiday of relaxation, the sun and the endless variety of blue that the sea of ​​Alonissos can offer, once you reach the port of Patitiri rent a scooter or a car to travel far and wide the island and explore every corner. And then contact the boatmen to accompany you on the most remote beaches that are not accessible by land. As for the hotel accommodation, in addition to the rooms there are also hotels and resorts with swimming pools.

Among the many beautiful bays of Alonissos, we point out the most famous, whose beaches are frequented by international tourism. Near the port of Patitiri, going towards Votsi and beyond, there are for example the beaches of Rousoumi and Spartines, this nudist beach.

Further to the northeast, there is the beach of Chrisi Milia, well equipped and a reference point for activities and water sports, especially diving. Ask for information here for boat trips. And then you reach those of Kokinokastro and Tzortzi, where the sea has nuances that you have never seen or, even further north, Leftos Gialos and Agios Dimitrios.

To the southwest of Patitiri, do not miss the coves of Marpounta, Megalos Mourtias, Vithisma, among the quieter of Alonissos, beaches surrounded by high rock walls and covered with white pebbles, with few essential services and a silence broken only by the sound of the sea. Along the northern coast of Alonissos, take a trip to Tsoukalia, to take a dip in the shade of the old windmill, and visit the ancient church (ekklisia) of Agii Anargiri which is nearby.

Do not forget that the island is part of the National Marine Park of Alonissos, the first of its kind in Greece, which also includes some smaller islands: you can swim freely in the park waters and divers can go diving, but fishing is prohibited. The darling of the marine park of Alonissos and its beaches is the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), a species considered in danger of extinction, which can be observed in few other places in the Mediterranean.

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