Ibiza, what to see in the most popular destination of the summer

There are those who choose it for the beauty of the sea, some for the nature at times still wild, those who love the night life, and those who go with the whole family to benefit from the crystalline water. Ibiza is actually an island with diversified attractions, even though it is universally known for its trendy and very expensive night life.

The historic center is also the town of Eivissa, or Ibiza. With its castle and city walls from which you can enjoy a complete view of the city, the port, the elegant hotels and souvenir shops and the only bookshop on the course I was lucky enough to see. So bring lots of books on the go if you do not want to stay dry!

In the western part there is Sant Antoni de Portmany, definitely more Spartan, check prices better: here come to holiday mainly Germans and English, as also testified by the pubs. There are the local historians Cafè del Mar and the Mambo, from where you can admire a spectacular sunset and drink one of the most expensive cocktails in this area. At sunset, on this stretch of coast, you can enjoy the spectacle of some guys who make juggling their fun, entertaining even a vast audience.

Santa Eulària des Riu is a town much appreciated by families. Here there is the homonymous market where it is possible to buy local food. Not far away, there is the Hippy market, unmissable attraction of Wednesday in the period from April to October.

Cala Longa, Cala Codolar and Cala Gració are calm beaches with the possibility of finding a little corner, a creek that is, to be away. Calo des Moro, is rocky and is ideal for diving. Es Figural, name deriving from the abundance of fig trees, is in a tourist position and it is possible to practice water sports. Ses Salines is the trendy beach of reference, it is part of a protected park and its waters are crystal clear and enchanting. Cala d’Hort boasts beautiful waters and steep cliffs, normally this beach is less stormy. Cala Comte has remained in my heart, it’s really a nice corner of paradise: do not miss the sunset from here.

Half an hour away by ferry is Formentera, another Balearic island, smaller in size and less famous, but very pretty and with exceptional water clarity.

The season on this island already known to the Phoenicians, begins in April and until May is very enjoyable, with mild and uncrowded days; in the summer months for excellence instead it literally fills up, prices increase and you lose part of that relaxed holiday atmosphere I’m looking for in one place. Young people who go there to dance also increase, since all the international jet set and famous London djs animate the night life.

Public transport is not widespread. It’s impossible to rent a bike in the Sant Antoni area, so get yourself a taxi, because, as I’ve seen, you could get to a beach by bus and have to go back by taxi since after the sunset there are no more runs. Among other things, the bus makes many stops and even if the place is near by air, you could get a lot to reach it …

From the airport buses leave in all directions: ticket price 4 euros for Sant Antoni, 7 if you pass from Ibiza etc …, while we are about 25-30 euros by taxi.

I expected the culinary proposal much more focused on the Spanish style, however, perhaps because of its broad international scope, Ibiza has absorbed all the kitchens reworking them with a cheerful spirit.

The beauty of this island is that everyone can live it in their own way, the people of the night will hardly meet those who go there with their family or those who prefer day life, giving everyone the holiday they want.

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