The zero-star hotel without walls in Switzerland

Among the mountains stands, so to speak, a luxury hotel with room service included

Remember the song titled The house in via dei matti n.0? Well, there’s something like that in Switzerland. Only this is a hotel, a zero-star tree (Null Stren Hotel), although in the good night of stars, the real ones are seen too much. The only available bedroom is in fact without walls and without ceiling and is located at about 2 thousand meters altitude between the Alpes svissere. To cover only a soft down jacket, but no room service. The room rate, including breakfast and welcome drink, and 295 Swiss francs. The bathroom? Well, it is located in a hut just a few minutes walk from the bedroom.


The “Zero Star” hotel is actually a conceptual work of two brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and their partner Daniel Charbonnie. A way to reflect on the theme of hospitality, nature and the concept of luxury.

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