Spring Sound: the surprise edition ends!

With Grace Jones (Stainless), Riz Amhed Swet Shop Boys, powerful and political, and Haim, for all but classy (which in these days is not a bad thing)

So the Spring Sound is over.
There is still another day of parties and concerts around the city, but at the no-place par excellence that is the Parc of Forùm we will be back in a year,

with the excitement, the curiosity and the unbelief of ever.

Of this spring, we will surely remember the surprises: Backstage Palaces Backstage Concerts and DJs, 360 degree Arcade Fire show,

Mogwai’s touch and escape, and yesterday’s incredible pop festival of Haim sisters.

We will remember why, if they were still needed, confirm and reinforce the idea that Spring Sound is first of all an experiential festival.
A festival that has long been responsible for rules that are just his – just see what happens every time the bill is announced – and that moves according to

established logic over time.

Spring can be allowed to have as headliner bands that would not be headliners anywhere else. Every year there is at least one of these.

And now Primavera can also afford to play and not to announce people who in every other festival would shred on the poster with the task of releasing tickets.

With the 2017 edition, somehow, it is overtaken by the classical festivals model and is heading towards a

future where the concept of surprise that has changed forever the record market could have a significant impact even in the way they are perceived And organize

such reviews.
We’ll see.

Meanwhile, we already know that we will remember the incredible and timeless show of Grace Jones yesterday.

He climbed to the stage for sixty-eight years, practically naked and covered with body painting, and put a perfect pop show between an

allusion to cocaine and the other. Glam in the pure state.

And we will remember the sing along collectively during the Teenage Fanclub concert with

their three guitars and the public waving flags of Scotland while the Madridists present at the Forum suddenly unveiled after the Cup victory.

And then King Krule you see it and you ask where it is that pulls out that voice and that it first goes upstairs with a dj,

but then you get to a band – with so much sax – and a concert that already It was nice to become a – ehm – surprise.

To the point that having only seen the end of the Arcade Fire does not cause any regrets. Just as it does not make you regretful, you have chosen

to follow the live of Angel Olsen, which goes so far, but going ahead becomes more psychedelic

and conquers all song after song. A good way to recover from the disappointment of the re-founding Royal Trux and their garage rock escape.
The sound and the aptitude are those of all times, it is a shame that Jennifer Herrema could not do it anymore and it seemed to

Loredana Berté in her most problematic period.

The palm of the most fun concert of the day if they bring home the Swet Shop Boys by Riz Amhed.
Perhaps the most successful live rappove of the festival for power, public empathy and impact. A show of great political value

– recover the words with which they closed the concert – and that with news coming from London, but also with Turin’s panic-panic,

represents the here-and-now more than anything else Past those stages these days.

Head rocking up and down even for Skeptic who made the many Englishmen who filled the Forum Parc.
And then the Haim, what to say: I am a force of nature.
And you do not need to appreciate a kind of pop to understand it.
They are modern and contemporary although they sound like a tribute to the Fleetwood Mac set up by fans of E.L.O.
For all, but classy and in these times, it’s not really anything.
Their was a fast show: the singles of the new album and the hits of the previous album. Just.
A real party, I repeat!

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