Dwayne Johnson does not have much time. He actually came to Berlin to celebrate the European Championship of Baywatch.

But this was canceled for reasons of piety after the attack in Manchester.

The press conference in the afternoon at the Sony Center begins after a violent storm with delay. Afterwards, a few selected journalists will receive individual

interviews – which will be shortened by five to three minutes.

Because “The Rock” is known to answer very extensively, that is just enough for three questions.

Mister Johnson, it’s just a madness year for you: Sexiest Man Alive, the incredible success of “Fast and Furious 8,” the enthusiastic responses to your GQ

interview in which you had joked for the next US presidency run. And now play Mitch Buchannon in Baywatch. How cool is it now to be Dwayne Johnson?

Things are going well. I have good luck at the time. The GQ story of Caity Weaver to the presidency

has become a thing that has always pulled more tracks and brought me great reactions. And now we are sitting here talking about “Baywatch”. It’s simple.

Were you surprised at the reactions to your “presidential candidate”?

First yes. But then it is clear to me where this comes from. When Katie asked me if I could imagine to be a candidate,

I did not really think about the consequences my answer might have. When the reactions came, they were very flattering and I really liked.

There seem to be a lot of people who could imagine that. But quite apart from this, the reaction to me as a presidential candidate in 2020

clearly shows that people long for a better leader. Whether I’ll be 2020 or 2024 or not at all, is not so important.

I have a good sense for people and I think that’s what it’s all about: people want a better leader.

One more question about “Baywatch”: You are very obviously already very good in shape for a very long time.

Did you still have to prepare for the film with a special training?

I had to lose quite a lot of weight. For “Fast and Furious 8” I was much more massive. More so your stature.

You could also beat the crap out of Vin Diesel – and that’s exactly what I had to do. So I had to be a bit narrower.

This is nothing compared to the figure that Zac Efron brings to the set when he takes off his shirt. He is in incredible shape.

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