Lifestyle, villas in Ibiza and … pajamas. Here is who is Gianluca Vacchi


Video on video with hundreds of thousands of views and sharing, an unmistakable style – halfway between dandy and bohemian – and companies of a certain level.

This is Gianluca Vacchi, a Bolognese entrepreneur who does not care – by choice – to hide his wealth, both material and spiritual.

After a few years of communication on youth communication on social networks, Vacchi has decided to self-proclaim – with excellent results –

today’s kids lifestyle guru, who, in his view, are too concerned to show their true self. What he certainly does not fear to do, given his unmistakable style,

made up of many tattoos, pajamas that look like evening dresses and evenings at Ibiza’s Lio with Bobo Vieri and Marco Borriello.
Gianluca Vacchi-who-is-
Its activities do not necessarily consist of crazy nights in the Spanish islands, but also golf games from the garden of the villa –

you pull straight into the sea, so the balls are biodegradable, dances on the tables with the waiters and training sessions are always very spectacular .

All this, of course, is always posted on social networks, where Vacchi – thanks to the resonance case offered by so many photos with players and VIPs – counts almost


Obviously, as with all people with much follow-up on social issues, there is no criticism either.

Many attribute to Vacchi the excessive ostentation of his riches – he talks about numbers with many zeros, because of the family company that Gianluca manages with

his cousin – without any attempt to look normal.

But this is precisely the fulcrum of the mantra of the Vacchi guru, who wants to pass the very message that if money is earned honestly by working, there is no shame

in showing that it has them.

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