The smartphone is dead. He killed Facebook!

Today it seems impossible. But in a few years it may be the obvious truth. Get ready at the end of the phone, but also with tv and tablets as we

know them

Among the many innovations announced by Mark Zuckerberg during the F8, the annual dedicated developer conference,

spotlights were focused on Spaces, a virtual reality social network, and to a lesser extent on the two new versions of the Surround 360

spherical camera ( Which will allow you to move within the images) and on the futuristic goal of Building 8, the company’s research

and development lab, to work on a project that dictates the words you think directly on the screen without the help of writing.

In the center of the stage, instead, Camera Effects is over, the filtering platform actually boosted that will allow developers to create useful

elements to overlay three-dimensional graphic signs at shots. Specifically, Zuckerberg has three outfits: to provide more information, to add objects,

to have fun decorating and changing a shot.

The focal point of the project is the camera, because the images are today a massively used language on the internet to express

themselves and not just to divulge static shots.

The spread of stickers and filters to indicate feelings and mood is the most obvious confirmation.

And the natural passage to which Zuckerberg is aiming now is to take advantage of the camera that every person ever wears with that smartphone.

In the ten-year plan revealed last year by Facebook, photographic language is a key element in developing those that will be the pinnacles of

the future social network, which will change through artificial intelligence, connectivity always available to everyone,

reality Virtual and increased. And Camera Effects is a first step in this direction, because it brings sociality into reality,

a real fulcrum in Zuckerberg’s strategy. One of the goals of Facebook is to encourage developers to create applications to create a store similar

to Play Google and App Store, but focus on increased reality. Considering the first partners – Giphy, Manchester United, Nike – the start is


The point, as stated by Zuckerberg himself at USA Today, is, however, to have just one object to do all that we do today with smartphones,

tablets, televisions, computers and smartwatches.

“Within five to seven years we will have glasses or contact lenses that will project virtual objects in virtual format and interact with them.”

And again: “Today we need a physical TV, tomorrow no, because instead of spending $ 500

a $ 1 dollar app will be enough to project the TV on a wall. It’s amazing to think how many physical things it will not be. ”

As explained by Matt Weinberger of Business Insider, Zuckerberg’s move is a war declaration to all the technology giants,

since if he was right, he would lose all sorts of smartphones, smartwatches, tablets etc.). With the relative and heavy economic damage for those

operating in the various subfunds.

Certainly it will take years to succeed, as well as the will of people to wear a pair of super hi-tech glasses. In this sense,

we must not forget what happened with Google Glass, as well as the difficulties encountered by Oculus, which belongs to the same Zuckerberg.

Returning to Camera Effects, however, it can not be ruled out that the success of some applications might be an advance as you can see on future

glasses. That certainly will be very different from Snapchat’s Spectacles, the real Facebook rival on the short-medium-term

in the race to conquering the increased reality.

On the long run, Facebook, on the other hand, should look to Microsoft for a long time working on HoloLens.

It is no coincidence that project leader Alex Kidman has talked, before Zuckerberg, of “goodbye to smartphones,

tvs and everything that is on display” as a natural consequence of the advent of increased and virtual reality.

All this without forgetting the work in the shadow of Google, Apple and many other small and big business realities.

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