Irina Shayk presents her after-baby glow

New-Mom Irina Shayk proves she does not need a styling team for a stunning performance

Irina Shayk presented her after-baby glow on New York’s streets!

The top model, which had only become mother on 21 March this year, showed up during a walk with girlfriends through Manhattan.

Your beauty styling? Uncomplicated! A sporty and elegant trenchcoat crowned

with a casual half-bun and a natural no-make-up look – the color-free manicure enclosed.

The new mummy demonstrates once again that she exemplifies the after-baby Glow and does not need a complete styling and make-up team

for breathtaking performances!

Shayk recently took a picture of Instagram, which she posted just a few weeks after the birth of her daughter Lea de Seine.

In a tight bikini and lying on an air mattress in the pool, the fish-bred mom presented a trained Wow body!

Lifestyle, villas in Ibiza and … pajamas. Here is who is Gianluca Vacchi


Video on video with hundreds of thousands of views and sharing, an unmistakable style – halfway between dandy and bohemian – and companies of a certain level.

This is Gianluca Vacchi, a Bolognese entrepreneur who does not care – by choice – to hide his wealth, both material and spiritual.

After a few years of communication on youth communication on social networks, Vacchi has decided to self-proclaim – with excellent results –

today’s kids lifestyle guru, who, in his view, are too concerned to show their true self. What he certainly does not fear to do, given his unmistakable style,

made up of many tattoos, pajamas that look like evening dresses and evenings at Ibiza’s Lio with Bobo Vieri and Marco Borriello.
Gianluca Vacchi-who-is-
Its activities do not necessarily consist of crazy nights in the Spanish islands, but also golf games from the garden of the villa –

you pull straight into the sea, so the balls are biodegradable, dances on the tables with the waiters and training sessions are always very spectacular .

All this, of course, is always posted on social networks, where Vacchi – thanks to the resonance case offered by so many photos with players and VIPs – counts almost


Obviously, as with all people with much follow-up on social issues, there is no criticism either.

Many attribute to Vacchi the excessive ostentation of his riches – he talks about numbers with many zeros, because of the family company that Gianluca manages with

his cousin – without any attempt to look normal.

But this is precisely the fulcrum of the mantra of the Vacchi guru, who wants to pass the very message that if money is earned honestly by working, there is no shame

in showing that it has them.

Whatsapp changes: 5 glamorous news

From the ability to delete the messages sent to the chat rooms: here’s all there is to know

After a full-fledged 2016 rumor, Whatsapp is launching other bouts of competition to continue to consolidate its leadership role among messaging apps.

Precisely on the same days as Facebook’s Facebook service was fined in Italy by the Antitrust for 3 million euros – for inducing users to believe that if they did

not give their consent to sharing their data with the social Mark Zuckerberg could not use the application – Whatsapp is preparing for a real revolution.

First of all with the ability to clear messages within two minutes of sending, but above all with a series of small updates that, put together, will really change

the face of one of the most popular chats on the planet: from the new interface to the super fast response, We’ve collected the 5 new releases

that will soon come to the iOS and Android app versions of Facebook.
1. Novelty in the interface. After the half-flop of the “stories”, Whatsapp decided to go back on its steps and to try to cool down

the application decided to change the button style slightly and redesign its main screen. The contacts will have a new section,

all revised and more important than the past: there is the possibility – remotely – that the app can alert your friends and colleagues

when changing phone numbers. New also the editor to convert your videos to Gif.

2. Messages that are deleted. He talks about it so much, but now we are. In the next release,

you will be able to delete an already posted message, even if it is already delivered to our contact. However, there will be a limit,

not yet clearly specified by the app: it was assumed to introduce a two minute standard time limit after which it would no longer be

possible to intervene, but considering the different Telegram approach that allows the revocation even after two Days,

the new feature may only work if the text has not already been displayed.

3. The fast answer. Whoever has an iPhone has already tried to cite a message to respond more quickly – especially in groups; Soon this feature will

also debut on Android and will be integrated with new stickers to be added in response.

4. The chat is highlighted. Regardless of the last message received, Whatsapp will give you the ability to

keep up to three different chats on top of your list. In this way, you will no longer need to scroll your contacts to look for friends and family,

but you can keep your favorites always up.

5. Share your location in real time. You can already send your position to friends using the GPS,

from now on you can send your route along the map to always have your position in real time.

It can work to send the coordinates on how to get to a party, but it can become irritating if it is always an active feature, but whatsapp

will have thought about it and will be studying a way to handle it better from the settings.

The neighbor is too loud, Messi buys the house

A solution as only he can to a terribly common problem. It was revealed by a teammate

If your neighbor does too much noise what do you do? Knock on the wall, maybe without fixing it.

But in the end, just buy him home. It is the solution adopted by Leo Messi in Barcelona to protect privacy and tranquility in the residence of Castelldefels.

Ivan Rakitic’s teammate told him in an interview with the Croatian magazine Novi List, which he also wanted to explain how he sees the differences

between Seville and the Catalan capital: “In Andalusia people are like us in Dalmatia, People take it calmly, fuck coffee together and chatter in the street.

In Barcelona they are more ‘Swiss’, they are respected, but they always keep a certain distance.

The Ramblas? I only saw them a couple of times from the team coach when we celebrated the triumphs,

because the club advised us not to go to grim places. ”
Rakitic also emphasized superstar humanity as Neymar and Suarez: “They are people like everyone else even though people think the players’

life is all about glamor and party.

Suarez invited me for his birthday and it was a normal evening: we bought gifts, dined, conversed, and almost all of us were with our families. “

Opens the first restaurant in Nutella

The Nutella Cafe Chicago will be inaugurated on 31 May

There are already those who lick their mustache. And who’s already trying to buy a ticket to fly to Chicago to eat in

Nutella’s first

restaurant in the world. Nutella Cafe Chicago, owned by Ferrero, will open next May 31 in the city of Barack Obama.

The building on Michigan Avenue will recall the form of the famous jar, it will grow on two floors and will have tables

and tables

of red on the ground floor and sofas of the same color on the second floor.

In addition, being a true restaurant, the menu will include in addition to the many predictable Nutella sweets,

also salty dishes in combination with the most sold hazelnut cream in the world.