Holidays in Spain? Here are ten beaches to top

fine sand or cliffs overlooking the sea, a short walk from the city center or on the islands. In Spain there are almost 600 beaches where waves the Blue Flag in recognition of their quality. We present ten of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. From Asturias and the Canary Islands, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Balearics and […]

eco-friendly villas in Ibiza: the complex Cala Conta

This urbanization, traditional architecture of Ibiza, combines the typical characteristics of the island houses the cutting-edge technology. The architectural beauty, location and respect for the environment are the features that make Cala Conta the best private urbanization of luxury villas in Ibiza. The villas are all oriented towards the west, until the last to enjoy the beautiful sunsets over the […]

Milan, lights off at Porta Nuova

  Penthouses and villas “out of business.” The luxury homes and six maxi-colored villas tabaccoalle shoulders of skyscrapers have not yet been marketed by choice Lights out the windows at night, work in progress by day in bare spaces, uninhabited, by choice still spectators of the coming and going of workers, real estate professionals and interior designers. It is the […]

Like glasses in history have changed

Overview The exhibition at the Design Museum Holon, Israel, traces the key stages of evolution of the seventeenth century to the present glasses, looking at the future through the lens of virtual reality “Sometimes we tend to forget that the primary purpose of the glasses has always been to correct a defect; but in fact the glasses do not hide […]