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Christmas 2016: the traditions according Bombay Sapphire
5 cocktails for 5 designers, called upon to interpret the London Dry Gin Queen Victoria

Traditions are important but sometimes stretch the rules can only do him good. It stems from this premise The New Tradition Collection, the project for Christmas thought by Bombay Sapphire. The “collection of new tradition” includes five design projects by as many top British designers called upon to interpret the iconic blue bottle London Dry Gin of Queen Victoria. As the series of five Christmas sweaters made from Brooke Roberts – in collaboration with the creative agency DBLG – that, instead of ordinary trees and Santa Clauses, reindeer and everything else imaginary “Jingle Bells” has thought of a landscape winter and its own bestiary reproduced digitally and made with beads and crystals applied on a mixed fabric made of cashmere, viscose, cotton, wool, polyamide and lurex. The cocktail made from Bombay to match is just as original, because caldo.L’Hot Gin Mocha, in addition to gin, requires cocoa cream, coffee and dark chocolate.

The young duo Bompas & Parr has instead thought of a fireworks festival in the true sense of the word: a kind of lamp exploding gold confetti and blue, just like the color of the bottle. “We had the idea that it would be really fun to celebrate Christmas or even more the BEGINNING of the new year under a rain of confetti while dancing,” they told us. For them the most suitable cocktail called Star 75, made from Bombay Star, lemon juice, prosecco and maraschino. From real stars.

Glass and steel are the materials chosen by Stephen Hendee, for his “candle” Led Free Form Candle lights. The more in tune accompanying cocktails is the Spiced Apple Warmer, very fragrant, thanks to apple juice, and very aromatic due to the presence of cinnamon and anise. Cold hot.

It’s all glass instead, the one chosen by both Studio Boo is by Richard Clarkson, respectively authors of the Christmas cracker, containing a juniper twig in 3D, and Bombay Sapphire’s Bauble, the glass ball with a juniper seedling inside , to hang on the Christmas tree. For the revival of traditional British Christmas gift, the cocktail suggested is the Winter Pine Twist, the cassico gin and tonic with cranberries and a sprig of pine. As for the sphere the idea is a gin & tonic flavored cranberry and ginger, Cranberry Ginger Twist. Then sure, Ogun can drink it at home as and when he wants. The recipes and the entire project can be followed on the Facebook profile of Bombay or on the official website.

Pacha, la migliore musica ‘made in Ibiza’

Anna Tur sarà la protagonista di un altro appuntamento con Ibiza globale Showcase e domani alle dieci
Sarà un fine settimana con un sapore locale e tutta la qualità che ha fatto di Ibiza e la sua musica è conosciuta in tutto il mondo.
Inizia il fine settimana con una nuova puntata di Ibiza globale  questa volta con il suo direttore Anna Tur ai comandi.

Anna, sempre in tour in Europa . Anna rostra alla sum passione per la musica e il suo tocco personale, una miscela di suoni che vanno dal presente al techno più melodico. il suo  suono unico, e il suo atteggiamento elegante e divertente, sono diventati uno degli artisti più carismatici di tutta l’isola.

Questa volta, saranno in cabina con Anna Maria Jose Ramon, Miguel Garji, Eli Rojas

Pacha si prepara a celebrare le vacanze di Natale.
Abbiamo completato un giro di fine settimana con residenza mensile Ten. Oriol Calvo porta questa volta a Ibiza per DJ e produttore brasiliano Fischetti. Mario Fischetti è uno dei dj più rispettati e influenti in Brasile, dove ha un fitto calendario di spettacoli dal 2000. Nel 2004 ha ricevuto il premio come miglior dj casa del Brasile ed è diventato ambasciatore di questo stile in tutto il mondo . Insieme a loro sarà pungere dj Baum e Graham Sahara.

Uber makes you (re) discover Milan UberTour

Through the app you can book a photo tour of 50 minutes in search of the most significant places in the city

After the success in Rome, UberTour doubles and arrives in Milan. From today, the service that allows you to rent a van to discover closely the monuments and the beauty of a city is also available in Milan. The service is very simple: spending 80 Euros, you can offer to a maximum of 6 people a photographic and cultural tour of 50 minutes going through places that have marked the history and the architectural evolution of the city.
It will tour starting at the historic Milan – Castello Sforzesco in San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore, Milan Stock Exchange and the Cathedral and then on to the Teatro alla Scala in Brera coming out – and then move on to the modern beauty of Piazza Gae Aulenti and skyscraper Vertical Forest and conclude turning around Arco della Pace and the Triennale, the undisputed realm of design. A tour developed and developed by Hidden City, a non-profit organization founded in 2010 with the aim of rediscovering Milan and its hidden treasures and which Uber has partnered.

To book your path, simply click on the new icon in the app Uber dedicated to the Tour, which is complementary to other rental services already available as Black, Lux or Van. No matter being found at the Castle, the machine will pick the group at any point inside the Milan external circular and, once on board, will activate a special electronic card inside the Uber app will give you access to content Hidden City which has developed specially for travelers.

Right in the day when Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber, he joined the Strategic Forum of Economic Advisers of the president elect of the United States, Donald Trump, the app is located in front of a series of strategic choices to be made to continue grow. First of all the service differentiation, experiencing the car 360 degrees, from food delivery with UberEats to premium services with UberLux, who debuted in Milan in recent months. Then trying to keep a look on the future which is called artificial intelligence, a field where the US giant would invest a lot: the acquisition of two startups in the field of artificial – the Geometric Intelligence and Eight – could help to develop algorithms enabling drivers to choose better your own path. At least until it is up the machine to make this choice, without requiring the pilot: Uber There is already thinking and has already begun the first tests with autonomous vehicles in San Francisco.