Britney Spears, the joke to Kimmel, the upcoming album and the video clip censored

The singer has finally announced the release date of Glory, his latest album. While careful the video clip of the first single, shot by David LaChapelle and then disappeared because too sexy, Spears plays one hot joke on Jimmy Kimmel

Britney Spears is back, and this time it seems to do really great. Former lolita pop par excellence, after having displayed a remise en enviable forms, has released a first single Make Me Over, and a few hours ago has finally announced the release date of the new album: Glory will be released on 26 August. The singer, meanwhile, continues to be talked about, emphasizing above all the newfound erotic charge.

The joke Jimmy Kimmel
One of the “victims” of the sexy queen (return) was Jimmy Kimmel. With the complicity of his wife, Spears and her crew of dancers were introduced at night in the house of the conductor, who have reached the while he slept in the bedroom. Strobe lights and loud music, Britney and crew improvised a very hot dance directly on the bed of the “poor” Kimmel.
The case of LaChapelle’s censored video clip and disappeared
While Spears’ fans wait with fibrillation entire album (and dream of a new tour), something is very wrong about the first single, Make Over. Indeed, about the accompanying video, which you are chasing different rumors. The most reliable (but unconfirmed) claims that the product of the vision of David LaChapelle has been evaluated by the record company too sexy.

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