How to play football on Facebook Messenger

No download needed: just send the emoji-shaped balloon and it will open the game window in chat

After chess and basketball, to the time of Euro 2016 could not miss even play football. Facebook decided to “hide” within Messenger another secret game, giving you the chance to play football with friends. As in the other two cases, in this case it is not software to download or an extension to add, but is simply a trick built into the application code to entertain its users.

To play, just download the latest version of the application and send the emoji-shaped balloon in the chat room of a friend. After pressing enter, automatically the chat box will turn white and will show a numerical counter: Both users must be sent each other the emoticon, otherwise the game session starts. The purpose of the game is dribble, as long as possible. The more you can keep the ball in the air and earn more points to beat the opponent.

Just as in the case of basketball – which had been entered in the app messaging to to celebrate the “March’s Madness”, the final phase of NCAA, the American college basketball tournament followed by millions of fans – this minigame owes its existence to an external event, the European Football Championship underway in France.

A constant that has seen the company of Mark Zuckerberg to focus on the speed and simplicity of gaming, directly in the chat, a bit ‘as happened to Msn Messenger times. The success is remarkable when you consider that, despite the Internet is full of just free games but more complex (even within Facebook itself), basketball was played at least a billion times in just three months. At a time when the messaging app are returning to be the ground of challenge of tech giants (see the update on arrival by Apple Posts), this gaming component may be crucial to assess what the Queen application in the future.

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