10 places that will make unforgettable your Italian night

Swimming (naked) in warm water around Capri, look over Rome, get lost in the streets of Venice after midnight, and drink bubbles lit by moonlight, in a garden in Milan.
The night under the stars, the first look, the desire to live together for a moment and let go to the passion, transforming every gesture into an unforgettable moment. There are moments that demand a perfect place, the place where gather together the fleeting moment – an extension wonderfully timeless between reality, memory and desire. The scent of the dark and the silence of the night, bathed by the light of the moon and the stars transfixed, as a stage set designed around a moment, to begin a new experience that will remain stuck in our memory surfacing in the head with a smile, the morning after. Because they know how to seduce, so elegant, it is a lifestyle – profoundly Italian.


Imagine how the protagonists of La Dolce Vita, turning on a Vespa through the streets of Rome in the middle of the night, when the Capitoline traffic is dumb and the city has the feel of a Fellini movie. Get off at the Orange Garden, to really feel part of La Grande Beauty, and look at the dome of St. Peter through the keyhole of the door of the Priory.
Luxury, a unique moment of social life, a stage in Milan at La Scala to seduce with impetuous force of the Opera, exchanging glances and leaving the imagination free to imagine the next. Get out into the Milanese night and reach the Mandarin Oriental garden for a cocktail under the stars, before closing the door behind him and start counting the hours that separate you from dawn.



Plunge into the fragrant Mediterranean herbs in front of the Faraglioni of Capri. A bath at night: swim naked following the trail on the water drawn from the moon, full of island scents. And then lie down on the beach looking at the stars, listening to the sea that is broken at your feet, and talk until dawn, or simply remain silent, listening to the water.
Invite her to dinner in Venice and choose the oldest inn – The Milion – to eat fried crabs with your hands and then walk back, getting lost in the labyrinth of streets like lace and allowing himself to be enveloped by the beauty of the void that animates the Serenissima after midnight, between the narrow channels, as in a labyrinth that alternates stone water features, majestic bridges and small dark corners. And then stop lingering on the edge of the Grand Canal, admiring the grandeur of the Serenissima from a different point of view: that of the night with no tourists, Venice in a haughty and lonely, beautiful. Like her.

Hold hands and feel the skin of the heat going up on foot to reach the Forte Belvedere, on top of Florence, with a bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses, to toast to a special meeting. Slip into the night together for the first time, against the beautiful background of Brunelleschi’s dome, stroking with his eyes the most beautiful view in the world, in an instant without time: the mysterious and seductive.
The passion passes from the sight and palate. Book the corner table at the Trattoria Il Gatto Nero in Cernobbio, and allow yourself the pleasure of a wonderfully slow dinner, to be enjoyed with the eyes losing voluptuously in taste, and then the one in the eyes of the other, in a high-rate game seduction, made of flavors, textures and looks, illuminated by the silvery reflection of lake Como.
All night in an original Trullo, lulled by the sounds of the Apulian countryside, and the flavors of this ancient land. Enjoy a laid dinner outdoors in a secluded garden, bare feet in the grass warm, the moon and candles as the only source of light, between the privileged few, until the morning after.

Lying on the sand of the beach of Noto, Sicily, letting the night inebriated head with its scent of mulberry and sea water, feeling the water lapping the ankles and a cool shiver go down my spine. Surrendering to a sudden hug, strong and memorable, as dawn silhouetted in front of your eyes by closing your first night together, before walking along the return road, to stop the opening of Caffe Sicilia to eat the cannoli and stuffed brioches Sicilian Corrado Assenza.


Start your first night together on a small boat, headed to the San Fruttuoso bay, next to Portofino, playing at patting the water with his hand stretched out from the board, before disembarking to have dinner with your feet in the sand while enjoying shellfish, and then be led just off the beach front to admire the Christ of the Abyss surrounded by fish of Tigullio, challenging the legend, he wants these waters inhabited by a dragon …
The Mediterranean wind in your hair, at sunset, on the terrace of Posillipo in Naples, then look at Vesuvius silhouetted against the principle of the night, as the most beautiful postcards of ‘or hospitably. And finally walking off towards Via Orazio and let the city to envelop you in its chaotic and wonderful roar, before isolate two in a secluded place in which to remember the taste of that first kiss.

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