The folding smartphone and there is Chinese

It is worn on the wrist, place the screen in electronic ink and is a cross between cell phone and smartwatch. It is about to launch a startup

A small Chinese startup aspires to become the first company in the world to sell a smartphone with flexible screen, beating the Samsung and LG time that they are working to draft a folding phone for several years. The Chongqing Graphene Tech & Co plans to launch a smartphone capable of rolling up on itself to become a kind of bracelet to put on the wrist: a cross between a phone and a watch that could mark the future of technology on the market. The secret of this device is to have separated the typical smartphone components (battery, processor and so on) from the screen: the touchscreen has been realized taking advantage of some mesh graphene able to bend and fit the shape of the wrist, without losing strength and conductivity but ensuring the right flexibility without reaching an angle of rupture. The heart of the device instead was positioned below the display, in the one section of the device that it can not bend, thus ensuring the possibility to form almost a complete circle.

There remain many doubts regarding the quality of the display, which will initially be black and white, and based on e-ink, the same digital ink to the base of the Amazon Kindle. “Making a phone in black and white is simpler and assure that the resolution will be greater of the e-reader by virtue of a superior touchscreen. It is the first step, in 2017 we will also work to the color version for the moment it is too expensive to be placed on the market, “he confessed to Bloomberg executive vice president of the company, Yu Chongsheng. Later this year, the Chinese will produce 100 thousand units for the Eastern market at a high price (680 euro) to assess the impact before thinking about a possible export to Europe and the United States.

What is certain is that the flexible screen is one of the cornerstones of the future of the smartphone keys. At a time when the sector has registered the first decline in profits in the history (mainly produced from braking of the iPhone), the need to find new, innovative solutions are the only way to return to growth. Samsung has already shown the first prototypes of folding screen (not far from the old Start Tac of Motorola, but touchscreen) and it is thought that the next Galaxy S8 Edge will be the first Korean to have this functionality on the market. Rumors speak of a 7-inch screen – which, folded, would be reduced to 5 – with the transition to OLED technology (thinner and brighter than an LCD). As well as LG which presented at CES in Las Vegas, the first display prototype for the 18-inch TV with good resolution in HD, very thin, which can be folded like a sheet of paper. It is not indestructible, indeed, the minimum thickness makes it even more fragile, however, may be that it is the way to go for the future.

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