Summer 2016, the 5 app back in shape with your smartphone

To do sports just having a great desire and your phone at hand

Keeping fit is a duty that should be respected throughout the year. Even more so when we are close to summer and the first real test suit. Who is lazy and does not want to take shelter in a gym you can rely on the technology, which has made great strides in the last period field. The latest models of smartphones have an array of sensors (such as the accelerometer) has allowed the development of dedicated to fitness and health applications that can be updated manually or simply using these new features of the phone. Professionals can rely on a smartwatch or one smartband, for those who just want to lose a few pounds just bring the phone back while doing sports. Here are 5 applications to get in shape before the summer.

Runtastic Results. Offers lots of workouts and exercises bodyweight alongside some of the best known, such as push-ups, squats and abs: individual workouts last for 15 to 45 minutes and their variety is designed to prevent the user from getting bored and give up.

In the free version there are 5 independent workouts available, paying 9 euro per month the application track our progress and adapts the workout schedule based on our progress and to our tastes with more than 120 video exercises explained step by step and a weekly nutritional guidance to optimize the results.

Moov Now. A personal trainer who monitors our activities and encourages us to do better, to prevent injury or to slow down because we’re going too fast. Just buy this bracelet, attach it to your wrist or ankle (for running) and connect the app to your smartphone: everything else will think the digital assistant’s voice there that will guide you step by step during your workout. Taking advantage of the sensors in the band and on your phone, you will understand that we are doing exercise (including running, cycling, swimming, cardio, etc.) and will explain in the ear 10 training programs provided, customizable with over 200 different intensities. You can use it also for the boxing tracking, indossandone one on each wrist. Recently it is also available in Italy to 79 euro.

Sworkit. An app perfect for those with limited time and has no tool available: just choose the duration of exercise and the type of activity, the app does the rest who will try to move your workout by alternating yoga, cardio and bodyweight .

Couch to 5K (C25K). This application was created with the intent to awaken the lazy, get them off the couch and turn them into marathon runners. With exercises for 30 minutes three times a week, the app will increase the power and within a couple of months you will have to prepare for a 5-kilometer race.

ClassPass. In Europe at the moment it is available only in London but what he did see in the United States, Canada and Australia bodes short chea can also be an Italian version. This app allows you to book a course in the best gyms without being registered: from yoga to pilates to spinning, the app will tell you where it is about to begin a workout and allow you to simply access by subscribing. There is a substantial annual cost ($ 175) but it can be an excellent solution.

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