In Bruges comes birradotto, to transport the beer underground

An underground piping system capable of linking the brewery De Halve Maan with the facility where the beer is bottled. Here is the eco-friendly and beer Operates from 4 million euro, FINANCED by the network and by the Inhabitants of the Belgian city

A complex system of underground pipes, capable of crossing the bowels of the medieval city of Bruges to transport from the periphery to the center of her majesty the beer. No, it is yet another absurd project avnzato on some internet page for some loving perennial hangover, but a real structural work turned into reality thanks to the contribution of the network and citizens. The protagonist of this story, Which takes place in Belgium, is the historic brewery De Halve Maan, Which is produced Brugse Zot, literally “the Bruges Fool.”

The physical distance between the place where the beer is born and when to it is bottled for years has necessitated a continuous transport by truck, costly from an economic point of view as from the environment. I know the brewmaster Xavier Vanneste Began designing a birradotto incendio connect the two facilities, Which are just over 3 kilometers, directly through a series of pipes.

The work, with an estimated cost of around € 4 million, has quickly proved somewhat original – if not, as the same brand of beer, crowds – but the enthusiasm of the citizens and allowed fans to pick up through the crowfunding the network almost all the amount needed.

“Many investors have agreed to make a donation provided the pass near birradotto Their homes: they wanted the ability to tap directly from the pipes,” says Vanneste. The fact Is that the colossal underground work was created, and this fall will begin to carry 4000 liters of beer per hour by the brewery in the center of Bruges to the structure for bottling. The most generous donors, Those who invested EUR 7,500 for the cause, will be guaranteed a bottle a day of Brugse Zot. For the Rest of Their Lives.

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