Music & Style, the photo of the day: Leonard Cohen

The next June 16 is a date to be put on the agenda is the GQ Music & Style 2016 day

In cooperation with Huawei, GQ presents GQ Freak Out Music & Style, 2016. On June 16th, starting at 19, the Market Sound of Milan (Via Cesare Lombroso 54), with Saturnino Art Direction, Music Stars, Fashion Icons, Live Performances and dj sets. Admission is free here all the info # GQMS16 #OO # HuaweiP9

Music and style. Two seemingly different worlds, with a thousand shades of identity. The first is comparable to an endless journey, punctuated by a thousand stops, races, from different speeds, from adrenaline. A journey that you go alone, alone with yourself, or people you trust company. You transmits emotions, I am heartened when you’re down in the dumps, it gives you strength and courage. The style, however, is a continuous transformation of the self. It happens every time you face a difficulty, it grows, or live a new and thrilling experience. But the thing that makes this combination even more mysterious is their merger. As in a brief but intense dialogue, where music fills the space and the time style.

That time that exists, in different forms, both for music, that for the style. In the first, he articulates sound movements; in the second, it delimits the trends. Just this creative mix, a magical and surreal, wrote entire chapters, in his own hand, in the great book of musical genres over the years.

The undisputed style icon of this decade is Elvis Presley. Charismatic, romantic, with the iconic sideburns and bouffant clump, is the King of Rock & Roll (or The King). With his style, he has been able to revolutionize and make the mythical country, and was one of the creators of Rockabilly. Who does not remember his double-breasted jacket with white suits, in the fateful dancing pose? And the extent strictly shirt with upturned collar, worn under the bomber? How can we forget, then, the T-shirt with white horizontal stripes and blue? Her look has influenced generations, until today. More refined and bohemian, however, was the style of Jimi Hendrix. The Seattle guitarist, famous for his messy hair “in the bush” sometimes arranged through multicolor bands and animal or hiding under hats country, has always loved the militaristic jackets with golden embroidery deluxe or tapestry fantasy. Shirts, however, had to be made of silk, with funny prints, optical, by the nuances pop or tie-dye. To embellish the outfits, necklaces, medallions, profuse fringes and rings. All mixed and seasoned with a touch of hippie culture, so loved by the artist. Chet Baker, however, has always opted for the minimalist style. Jazz great always wore a crew neck sweaters, jackets deconstructed with white T-shirt and jeans comfortable fit. As if to express himself only by the sound of the notes and vocal style.

Chameleonic. Perhaps it is the only correct and comprehensive adjective to describe David Bowie. From experiments with costumes, make-up, androgynous clothes to reject and play with gender stereotypes when they still did not do it almost no one, to his “strangeness” (as it was called) completely foreign to the style icons of the moment, of all Paul Newman or Steve McQueen, then turned into coolness, in the following years. By his passion for Japanese culture and tradition, which revived all over the Western world, until the encounter with the genius designer Kansai Yamamoto, who created the costumes for her 1973 tour, Aladdin Sane, and the use of famous trick for the album cover, which recalls that of Kabuki theater, born in 1600 just in the East. After his death, which took place on January 10, even the greatest designers in the fashion industry, as Alessandro Michele for Gucci, Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent, J.W.Anderson and Ennio Capasa for Costume National, paid tribute to his genionelle own collections. As a unanimous greeting imprinted in the tissues. Even Freddie Mercury always liked “change.” Iconic, were the white suits worn while singing Bohemian Rhapsody, and some years later, on stage, those shorts, multicolor, sported with undershirt, hairy chest and mustache told the myth of the artist, who became leader of a real creative movement, loved around the world.

In the eighties, however, he has danced with Prince. The pop icon of Minneapolis, who transformed the black music, has always loved the world of fashion. The BCs showy, precious jackets, shirts silk pirate with jabot, skinny pants made mad the most important designers who braved death for him as a testimonial. For example, in Milan, during the fashion week was always welcome guest: still remembers his very exclusive concert for the fashion house Versace, a few years ago. Great provocateur like Freddie Mercury and David Bowie, with their own versatility and ability to empathize in different roles, its performance, as well as its set, anticipated by several decades the phenomenon that fashion then called as “genderless” and the company has christened as “sexual fluidity.” Europe is listening U2, led by Bono. Nail or black leather biker, white T-shirt, dark sunglasses, tight jeans, pointy boots or sneakers: like a uniform. On stage and in everyday life.

For pop music, no doubt, Take That have dictated trends. Five talented English guys, defined, denim lovers, over the tartan shirts, T-shirt underwear white and necklaces from the beach. Among these, the coolest was Robbie Williams, now with the advent of the year 2000 (and numerous tattoos all over his body) a real style icons. For the alternative rock, however, stand out the Placebo, this time bad boys, who wore casually tight look, noir makeup, T-shirts with provocative prints, chains around his neck and dark sunglasses with a vintage. While in 1987, there’s Nirvana with their grunge style: overalls in denim ripped, long uncombed hair funny shirts worn under blazers and wool maxi cardigan.

With the arrival of 2000, not only changes the century change even the icons of style and fashion. Rapper Eminem, great provocateur in the lyrics of his songs, is 100% this change. Jeans brought to life very low, with unlaced sneakers, baseball cap and T-shirt larger sizes of your choices: this is the look popular on American roads by teenagers. Also very similar to the outfits of Jay-Z. Another style icon is Justin Timberlake: young, with blond curly hair (a few times was also photographed with braids African and headband), hidden behind sunglasses with colored lenses. These are the years of oversize sweatshirts sporty, leather pants and sneakers Nike or adidas, who remember with great nostalgia.

In recent years, some protagonists of the worldwide music scene have become very important player also in the fashion world. More: they became influencers, consultants and sometimes even into real designers. For example, Pharrell Williams signed two collections of adidas Originals, shoes and clothing, sold out in a few days. And last February, has also become co-owner of the denim brand G-Star Raw with whom he collaborated from time to environmentally sustainable projects. Kanye West, lover of designer labels such as Balmain’s wife Kim Kardashian, however, has created along with the Nike Yeezy brand and became independent and star every year of Fashion Week in New York City. Finally, Justin Bibier, spokesperson for Calvin Klein and style icon known throughout the world, which mixes daily Vans with Saint Laurent and Gucci, darting on his skateboard through the streets of Los Angeles.

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