MINI Next Vision 100 Concept on the roads in a century

Mini also has its say on the future car. Cars on the “ownership”, no protection and autonomous driving
At the event Future Experience, during which the BMW Group has shown the world such as Rolls-Royce pictures their car here in the next one hundred years, Mini has also told her about it.

The Mini Next Vision 100 Concept is, in fact, the vision of the historic British brand, the evolution of what is, in effect, one of the most iconic cars ever made.

In 2116 Mini imagines to be no more – and not only – a company that builds cars, but rather, a mobility company, which will allow its customers to enjoy their products, by virtue of their membership of a community. The motto of tomorrow will be, as well, “every Mini is my Mini” since each Mini will be available to every customer Mini, at all times. The cars, thanks to artificial intelligence and autonomous driving systems, will take care to travel by community members to be at their service, adapting, at the same time, both in appearance and handling characteristics and on-board connectivity, to defaults by each of them.

But not enough: the Next Vision Mini 100 will again be an ultra compact car, with the ability to eliminate the protective structures against collisions, totally unnecessary, according to the British engineers, due to the drastic reduction of collision risks guaranteed by autonomous driving, from here to a century. How to reconcile all this with the possibility, always guaranteed, to use a manual driving mode it is not, however, given know. What do you think? Is this the future you want? You have at least 100 years to let us know.

Formentera, 15 tips to eat and stay

From Blanco Hotel Es Pujols to some of the best restaurants in the Balearic gem like Caminito, Es Còdol Foradat, Sa Platgeta. As well as some advice to visit it better

Fall in love with Formentera is as simple as it is difficult to move on the small Pitiusa without leaving it with the bank account emptied. The prices of housing, restaurants and clubs are on average a lot higher, also in June and September. To drink two cups of sangria and nibble on a bit ‘of nachos with guacamole and spicy tomato you get to spend even more than 20 euro in one of the historical places of the island, the Blue Bar along the coast of Migjorn. While for lunch with a main course, a drink and another foolishness will not fall below 25/30 euro per person. In short, you have to go easy. Albeit one that lands on the table it is always of excellent quality.

The exclusivity indeed it pays, and very expensive, but at least the rest of the experience is pretty cheap. For there are very few facilities, the vast majority of the beaches is free and, especially in certain areas of the southeast, wild. Even if they are equipped beaches where you pay 10 euro a piece (cot or umbrella that is).

In terms of access to the island, got rid of the hydrofoil or fast ferry (with Balearia will cost twenty euro per head each way, with significant changes depending on the time) the only charge is 4 Euros for cars (2 scooters) to enter the nature reserve of the salt pans of Ibiza and Formentera, in the northern tip of the island, where the number one beach in Europe according to TripAdvisor, namely the Caribbean playa de ses Illetes.

The best way is to move the scooter (20/25 Euros per day) although several local car rentals offer significantly more affordable rates of major international brands. Try for example Formentera Cars, Sandra should ask 35 euro per day for a Panda. About: Formentera is basically Italian exclave not only as to vacationers but also on the front of the car park. Circulate practically only Panda and 500. Mystery.

The sinful world of Billionaire

The images of the presentation of the Spring / Summer 2017 by Flavio Briatore and brand Philipp Plein collection during Milan Fashion Week
The most unexpected and curious presentation of the entire male Milan fashion week? Billionaire Italian Couture. Before entering the rooms of the apartment set in Corso Venezia for submission P / E 2017 of Flavio Briatore brand and the majority Philipp Plein partner, it was necessary to know the password, Plutus. Who is it? “I’m a rich man of good taste”.

At present it is the designer of Billionaire, part man and part machine. robotics mysterious entity, Plutus appeared this year, as a vision, darting in central Milan behind the wheel of a white Rolls Royce, with the deafening song of the Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil. Legends aside, he designed the wardrobe is sumptuous and eccentric dedicated to mature men who do not fear nor who they are or who they want to become. From the trenches of the crocodile jacket in metallic jacquard, her clothes are the celebration of their success and claim attention.

So it was: on the one apartment to another room alternated men with bushy beards and bare Bacchae, strictly with their faces covered by masks. A sinful world, but at the same time intriguing. The world Billionaire.

How to play football on Facebook Messenger

No download needed: just send the emoji-shaped balloon and it will open the game window in chat

After chess and basketball, to the time of Euro 2016 could not miss even play football. Facebook decided to “hide” within Messenger another secret game, giving you the chance to play football with friends. As in the other two cases, in this case it is not software to download or an extension to add, but is simply a trick built into the application code to entertain its users.

To play, just download the latest version of the application and send the emoji-shaped balloon in the chat room of a friend. After pressing enter, automatically the chat box will turn white and will show a numerical counter: Both users must be sent each other the emoticon, otherwise the game session starts. The purpose of the game is dribble, as long as possible. The more you can keep the ball in the air and earn more points to beat the opponent.

Just as in the case of basketball – which had been entered in the app messaging to to celebrate the “March’s Madness”, the final phase of NCAA, the American college basketball tournament followed by millions of fans – this minigame owes its existence to an external event, the European Football Championship underway in France.

A constant that has seen the company of Mark Zuckerberg to focus on the speed and simplicity of gaming, directly in the chat, a bit ‘as happened to Msn Messenger times. The success is remarkable when you consider that, despite the Internet is full of just free games but more complex (even within Facebook itself), basketball was played at least a billion times in just three months. At a time when the messaging app are returning to be the ground of challenge of tech giants (see the update on arrival by Apple Posts), this gaming component may be crucial to assess what the Queen application in the future.

10 places that will make unforgettable your Italian night

Swimming (naked) in warm water around Capri, look over Rome, get lost in the streets of Venice after midnight, and drink bubbles lit by moonlight, in a garden in Milan.
The night under the stars, the first look, the desire to live together for a moment and let go to the passion, transforming every gesture into an unforgettable moment. There are moments that demand a perfect place, the place where gather together the fleeting moment – an extension wonderfully timeless between reality, memory and desire. The scent of the dark and the silence of the night, bathed by the light of the moon and the stars transfixed, as a stage set designed around a moment, to begin a new experience that will remain stuck in our memory surfacing in the head with a smile, the morning after. Because they know how to seduce, so elegant, it is a lifestyle – profoundly Italian.


Imagine how the protagonists of La Dolce Vita, turning on a Vespa through the streets of Rome in the middle of the night, when the Capitoline traffic is dumb and the city has the feel of a Fellini movie. Get off at the Orange Garden, to really feel part of La Grande Beauty, and look at the dome of St. Peter through the keyhole of the door of the Priory.
Luxury, a unique moment of social life, a stage in Milan at La Scala to seduce with impetuous force of the Opera, exchanging glances and leaving the imagination free to imagine the next. Get out into the Milanese night and reach the Mandarin Oriental garden for a cocktail under the stars, before closing the door behind him and start counting the hours that separate you from dawn.



Plunge into the fragrant Mediterranean herbs in front of the Faraglioni of Capri. A bath at night: swim naked following the trail on the water drawn from the moon, full of island scents. And then lie down on the beach looking at the stars, listening to the sea that is broken at your feet, and talk until dawn, or simply remain silent, listening to the water.
Invite her to dinner in Venice and choose the oldest inn – The Milion – to eat fried crabs with your hands and then walk back, getting lost in the labyrinth of streets like lace and allowing himself to be enveloped by the beauty of the void that animates the Serenissima after midnight, between the narrow channels, as in a labyrinth that alternates stone water features, majestic bridges and small dark corners. And then stop lingering on the edge of the Grand Canal, admiring the grandeur of the Serenissima from a different point of view: that of the night with no tourists, Venice in a haughty and lonely, beautiful. Like her.

Hold hands and feel the skin of the heat going up on foot to reach the Forte Belvedere, on top of Florence, with a bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses, to toast to a special meeting. Slip into the night together for the first time, against the beautiful background of Brunelleschi’s dome, stroking with his eyes the most beautiful view in the world, in an instant without time: the mysterious and seductive.
The passion passes from the sight and palate. Book the corner table at the Trattoria Il Gatto Nero in Cernobbio, and allow yourself the pleasure of a wonderfully slow dinner, to be enjoyed with the eyes losing voluptuously in taste, and then the one in the eyes of the other, in a high-rate game seduction, made of flavors, textures and looks, illuminated by the silvery reflection of lake Como.
All night in an original Trullo, lulled by the sounds of the Apulian countryside, and the flavors of this ancient land. Enjoy a laid dinner outdoors in a secluded garden, bare feet in the grass warm, the moon and candles as the only source of light, between the privileged few, until the morning after.

Lying on the sand of the beach of Noto, Sicily, letting the night inebriated head with its scent of mulberry and sea water, feeling the water lapping the ankles and a cool shiver go down my spine. Surrendering to a sudden hug, strong and memorable, as dawn silhouetted in front of your eyes by closing your first night together, before walking along the return road, to stop the opening of Caffe Sicilia to eat the cannoli and stuffed brioches Sicilian Corrado Assenza.


Start your first night together on a small boat, headed to the San Fruttuoso bay, next to Portofino, playing at patting the water with his hand stretched out from the board, before disembarking to have dinner with your feet in the sand while enjoying shellfish, and then be led just off the beach front to admire the Christ of the Abyss surrounded by fish of Tigullio, challenging the legend, he wants these waters inhabited by a dragon …
The Mediterranean wind in your hair, at sunset, on the terrace of Posillipo in Naples, then look at Vesuvius silhouetted against the principle of the night, as the most beautiful postcards of ‘or hospitably. And finally walking off towards Via Orazio and let the city to envelop you in its chaotic and wonderful roar, before isolate two in a secluded place in which to remember the taste of that first kiss.