Ewan McGregor, after Trainspotting 2 doubles Fargo 3

The Scottish actor will play the twin brothers protagonists of the third season of the FX television series, coming soon for 2017

Ewan McGregor will be the new star of the third season of Fargo.

The actor, who is currently on the set of Trainspotting 2, joined the cast of the TV series of FX.

With a dual role as a protagonist. McGregor will play the two brothers Stussy: Emmit is a successful man: handsome, rich, and real estate magnate Minnesota.
His twin brother Ray, however, is a plump and, above all, is a frustrated agent criminals on probation supervision. Moreover, Ray blames his own frustrating condition to his brother Emmit.

Even for McGregor, he is winning an Emmy for his performance as a guest star of ER – Doctors at the forefront in 1997, playing two characters, and so tied to the conflict, will be a good challenge. The third season of Fargo, scheduled for 2017, should begin shooting later this year.

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