Jessica Goicoechea. From Cancun to Milan, the model never stops

Solar beauty. I can not find better words to define it. Jessica is pure light that give off the blond hair, the one that shines from his open smile and her amber skin.

This is our second rendezvous. We had met in Berlin last year. Yet every time I see me winning … now comes direct from Cancun and pack together with the clothes you bring glamor of a colorful land.

From Malpensa to the set, non-stop, with typical Iberian humor. always he smiles, shakes her mass of blond hair framing her face and conquer the whole team working in a second.

The super tanned skin tells a playful beauty, Sara, the make up artist opts for a make up light, which reveals all the sunny, Veronica stylist tends more to “discover” that covers a statuesque body where the sign Costume it is just a detail.

The day runs between photo shoots chatter, smiles and a cooked to perfection by the chef improvised carbonara Filippo, Roman de Rome. A refreshing break to get back to work with more enthusiasm than before, Jessica “lights up” the set with its warm and crystal colors, is full of energy … just like the sun that leads inside. so I am not surprised that ended the shooting ask me a ride to Malpensa: who is full of life, does not stop for a moment!

Cancun-Milan-Barcelona … .in one to two days. A little ‘envy (or maybe not). Hola Je, ¡buen viaje !! Until next time.

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